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About Amy Lynn The Voice Over Artist/ Actor

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Film, and Audio Credits:
Learning to Drive in the USA - Quiz Instructor
US Bank Phone Message System
Bible Mini's Game - Narrator
Leadership FITness Audiobook - Narrator
BlackJack Game - Dealer
Keepers of Wrath - Adrea
More credits can be found on the reference page.

"She learned to run before she learned to walk"- Amy's mother.

"She came out with a cigar in one hand, and a bottle of champagne in the other and said 'Look out world here I come!'" - Amy's mother, who died in 1992.


How often those words rang true throughout my life. I was always one step ahead of the game. Thanks to an elder sister who taught me to write in cursive before I even reached Kindergarten. I always had someone there to look out for me and offer me guidance, in some way. Even if the guidance was not good, it was still there to listen to, and see.

The story behind my name is this: My first name Amy came about for two reasons. My great grandmother's first name is Amy. And when my mother was a little girl her favorite doll's name was Amy. Amy means beloved; loved.

My middle name, Lynn came from my aunt Linda, my mother's sister. Lynn means cascade; waterfall. Linda means Beautiful; gentle; soft. So basically, I'm a beloved, beautiful waterfall.

Amy Lynn

I have been in many plays before at church, home, and school. Though it was my mother who said my sister was the world's greatest actress, so for me to be in this industry and not her is a bit of a twist. Another interesting twist is I'm tongue-tied. And yes there is a real medical condition called that. My mother was so tongue-tied that before she even left the hospital her tongue was cut. I have yet to get my cut, maybe when I no longer care to do voiceovers I'll have that done. I would have to learn to speak again.

I have often been told by gentlemen that I had a lovely addicting voice, but no one ever mentioned to me that I had a voice for radio till I joined the chat rooms. No one ever mentioned to me how I could be more than I already was without much work. But being headstrong I decided I could make something out of nothing. Which is what brought you here.

Voice Over work for me is more than a job, I take it very seriously. It has become much more than a hobby. It's something I very much so enjoy doing. And that's what a job should be, something you love. Because you will shine no matter what.

I started doing voiceover work as a joke. I wanted to prove others wrong about my voice. Instead, I ended up proving them right. After much research, training, and development both website and voice. Training includes acting classes, a personal one on one Voice Coach, and more. I won't publicly list personal schooling information for privacy and security issues.

I am happy where I am in life. God has truly blessed me and I thank the Lord for all of it daily.

My interests and hobbies include such things as religion, family, Star Trek, Films, the great outdoors, crafts, and anything to do with computers.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending it with friends and family and running Annika's Work From Home

A bit about this site...

Operating any kind of business online can be hard. Because I've not only done business online but also spent thousands of hours addicted to chat for over three years. God blessed me with a kind of sixth sense. I also have the gift of prophecy which has guided and protected me online and in real life. Without these blessings from God, I wouldn't be able to operate in any line of work.

Amy Lynn's Voice Overs is a privately held business. Location-based in Akron, Ohio. Physical address not stated due to security reasons. Amy Lynn's Voice Overs is Non-Union. - - -  - - -

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