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Annika and The Pretender Annika and The Pretender

From grooming to breadcrumbing, ghosting, sociopathic tendencies, downright abuse, pathological liar, narcissism, a con artist, bullying, criminal stalking, an affair, signs of multiple personality disorder, and ultimately, a romance scam. This is a story all about dominance, control, and abuse that caused a great deal of emotional distress. It is a story with a lesson and a warning for others. Facebook started the relationship with this scammer, and Facebook ended it. This book is about a master and slave relationship with no physical abuse; however, there was deep mental anguish. It is about two consenting adults, even if one was lied to from the very start. Due to the nature and context of this book, it took four rewrites, four months, and three title changes to complete. In this book, you will find a great deal of resources and support for getting help and identifying these types of individuals and their actions. Helping you see the red flags before it becomes too dangerous. The word victim is used a lot in this book, but it is also about a survivor. This book also serves as part of my healthcare advocacy.

My Voice-Over Journey My Voice-Over Journey

Amy Lynn has been doing voice-overs for over twenty years. After expanding her LinkedIn account to around 14K, she quickly noticed a pattern. A lot of voice-over artists ask specific questions. To save time and hassle, she decided to write this book to help others. This book has also made it easier for Amy Lynn to help those who cross her path in real life who are inquiring about voice-overs. Usually, this advice can be provided via the services Amy Lynn offers. But as time passed, Amy’s schedule became more packed with other job offers, which expanded her toolbox. Herein, you will find tools, tips, and suggestions to expand your toolbox as well.

Salvation Within Salvation Within

[WARNING - THIS IS NOT A FAITH BASED BOOK. CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT.] This “story” came to me in a dream. For six consecutive nights I would go to sleep to pick up the dream where it left off the night before. I’ve never had this happen to me before or since. I’ve also had some of the events in this dream take place in real life which has caused me quite a scare. These dreams were very in-depth, terrifying, and for me, real. This book has been in the making for well over 20 years. I had wanted to publish it long before I published all my other books, including my fathers. But I had to take the time to make sure I got it right. To make sure I got all the information included to as enjoyable as it was to dream, I want it to be for you the reader to read.

Lessons Learned Using Twitter

Lessons Learned Using Twitter I’m not a professional, nor do I claim to be. I’m merely trying to help people out. I’ve got a rather large Twitter following on all the accounts I run. About 200K in total. I use Twitter every day. I’m on Twitter 24/7 even when I’m not “using” it, it’s active. I use it for business mostly. Being paid to tweet, you have to have an active Twitter account and a large following.

Lessons Learned Using LinkedIn

Lessons Learned Using LinkedIn Lessons I've learned using LinkedIn. Some of the things I’ve shared I’m sure you will get a good laugh from. As I admit how I’ve been blocked even.

Purely Said

Purely Said Purely Said words of comfort can be anything you can think of. From such things as Bible scripture to words from a song. Anything that you feel is supportive, uplifting to those in a time of need. Purely Said is a lot like grief recovery, therapy, mindfulness, or even simple things like affirmations.

Ministry to the Grief-Stricken

Ministry to the Grief-Stricken This is written primarily for ministers, but should have some value for every Christian who would make a hospital call or try to give comfort at a time of bereavement.

How to Litter Box Train Your Hamster How to Litter Box Train Your Hamster

Litter box training your hamster isn't as hard as you may think. Hamsters actually WANT to be litter trained. It's cleaner and healthier.

My Life Online My Life Online

The Starfleet Lounge was the start of it all. The rise and fall of Paramount Digital Entertainment’s well known Starfleet Lounge and those people who chatted there are depicted in this blunt tell all tale from the years of 1994 to 2001.Amy Lynn tells how she got involved in the chat room, and all she learned along the way. From the good, to the bad, and even the downright ugly.  Engaging into this book, you will not only learn about Amy Lynn, but those she chatted with, and how a chat room operates. Amy Lynn provides you with the detailed accounts of actual events that caused the demise of the “Starfleet Lounge” chat room. Fact or fiction is for the reader to decide - as Amy Lynn considers this her version of events, as she experienced them.

Supportive Details Supportive Details

This book explains how Annika's Work From Home got started, it's history and so much more... The joys and struggles of running Annika's Work From Home website. Dealing with Support emails can be a real pain, but it can also bring a lot of joy. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to try to read through broken English. I decided to share both in pictures and text some of these troubling communications. And even point blank abuse.


50/50 This book came about because Neal was driving Amy to get one of her hand surgeries. Upon a turn, five minutes from the hospital, they were crashed into. It was brutal, to say the least. Neal kept kicking himself as it was the first time he had been in a wreck in over thirty some years. Amy kept blaming herself as it was because of her they were there! Well, upon a walk, Amy turned to Neal and said, “Dad, I can’t take this anymore. We are both blaming ourselves for the car wreck, and it’s entirely too much to bear alone. How about we each take some of the blame? 50/50?” Neal replied with a sigh, “I can handle that.” It was exactly what both parties needed to realize it was neither ONE person’s fault.

From the Web of An Angel Memoir of Sandra & Neal McElhaney

From the Web of An Angel Memoir of Sandra & Neal McElhaney What you are about to read is raw emotion from the patient who was going through not only dealing with Squamous Cell Lung Carcinoma Cancer AKA SCLC, but the death process. Please be warned that at times, this may be very hard to read. Inside is Sandy's journals, her husband's, and that of the Visiting Nurse Services.

A Sleeping Beauty

A Sleeping Beauty I was tempted to start this with “Once Upon A Time,” but thought better of it. You see, it’s a love story, one that’s been in my mind for some time. It runs smoothly in my mind, but as I’ve attempted to put it down on paper, I find my mind drifting, and I put down these thoughts only to find, one they’re out of sync, two they neither make sense because they either jump ahead or even leave portions out. I’d like to think, this one, I capture what’s in my heart as well as what’s in my mind. A story of fiction based on fact. The fact of love in its truest form.

Nine One One Part II: The operators answered…

Nine One One Part II: The operators answered… This is part two to Neal's first Nine One One book. This contains poetry he wrote much later on. Much shows how angry he was and disappointed in the way our government handled things.

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