I'd like to dedicate Amy Lynn's Voice-Overs to the following:

To all my friends who were always there for me in my time of need.

To my family: My brothers, Aunt Linda, Sue, Jeff, Janet, Kim, Dad, Mom, Granny, and Paw Paw for all the love, support, prayers, and shoulders to cry on. Thank you for teaching me things, no one else could or would.

To the creator of the world wide web. For opening a whole concept of doing business.

To my Cleveland Kimmie who saved my life, after God saved her soul.

To all my clients, and visitors past, present, and future.

To P.A.A. who bought me this domain.

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For voice artists all over the world who keep the industry moving forward.

And last but not least,

To Almighty God who has provided me the means, knowledge, time, love, support, talent, effort, and life to do his will and the things I love. For all the travels and trails in my life, both good and bad, have all served to expand this site and to praise your Holy name.