Amy Lynn's Voice-Overs Fequenty Asked Questions

Questions you may have before you voice over order.

Fequenty asked questions in regards to Amy Lynn's Voice-Overs. Feel free to contact us today with any others you may have.

Q. Does it cost extra for the voice-over files to be broken up?
A. No.

Q. Do you fill voiceover orders in other countries?
A. Yes. This is why we have expanded other methods of payment.

Q. Is that your natural voice?
A. Yes, some tracks have echo added though but yes it's all-natural.

Q. Why should I hire you?
A. Because I strive hard to make sure you are happy with your voice over order plus the offer for re-recordings isn't something other voice-over artists offer.

Q. Can you add effects like reverb to the tracks?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you mix tracks if I need you to?
A. Yes.

Q. Does it cost extra for background music?
A. Yes, as I have to pay the person that creates it for me.

Q. How can you deliver the files?
A. I can zip them and email them, or upload them or deliver them to you by CD or DVD.

Q. What payment options do you prefer?
A. Payments accepted: Credit cards accepted via PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Tremendous, Venmo, Tango Gift Cards, and My Digital Wallet.

Q. Can you do a free voice-over sample for me?
A. Samples are provided on . I have posted the following samples for a reason. Please do not request samples or demos not listed. Repeatedly asking for custom samples will be considered harassment. I do not provide samples or demos other than the ones upon the site. I have provided more samples and demos than any other voice artist. If you feel you still must have a sample or demo before completing your order, please explain why. Custom made samples or demos will be in low quality if I must provide them, as well as a slight charge will be applied. If you feel your request was declined unjustly, I apologize. Samples take time studio time to record and edit which is why they are not provided without proper explanation. References are listed upon my site to help you decide if my vast amount of samples isn't enough for you. Please feel free to contact them.

Q. Can the voice-over order be kept confidential?
A. Certainly. I would never make public anything my clients wish to be kept discrete.

Q. Can my voice over order be done within a day?
A. In most cases yes. 24 hour turnaround time applies only to orders under two hours unless otherwise noted in an e-mail response. Not responsible for response time to questions once the script is received.

Q. Can I get a discount for return orders or bulk orders?
A. Yes. Return clients are always a blessing. Bulk orders are no problem and I do provide discounts for larger orders.

Q. How do I submit a question for this page?
A. Simply go to the Inquiries, or the Orders page, and submit your question there.

Q. Why do you accept Amazon Gift Cards as Payment?
A. I've had many clients out of countries that PayPal serviced. Several clients don't want their assets reported. I'm just trying to make it easier to hire me, and it's been working.

Q. I'm a Voice-over Actor do you have any advice?
A. Yes. 1. Always add a copyright if you give custom samples. You might also want to charge a fee.
2. Get a website.
3. Never send samples out unless they are requested.
4. Never sign anyone up for your newsletter. Ask THEM to sign up.
5. Be confident! And don't give up.
6. Reach out to other Voice-Over Actors and ask that they keep you in mind if they need a counterpart for a script.
7. Join social media and let it do the work FOR YOU! IE Facebook, Twitter and most importantly, LinkedIn!
8. I don't recommend using places like voices123 (auditions are given to clients who in turn use those without paying.) nor places like fiverr, your voice is worth more than a happy meal.
9. Don't sign NDA's if you don't have to. You could really regret it.
10. When using social media, NETWORK! IE Twitter you can have lists, on Facebook you have lists too. Make sure those lists have the right people in them. So when you are posting on Facebook and you only want your VA's/VO's to see certain posts you select that list. As for Twitter I run a voice-over list of those that followback. I will never promote a voice-over artist who doesn't have respect for the network connection. It's not hard to click the follow button on Twitter. And I have a Super User/ Super Follower account on Facebook as well as Twitter. So I'm blessing them by adding them. As a social media influencer, I know what I'm doing. It's why I always stress you need to use social media. Networking isn't just about YOU, it's about your connections. That's why it's called networking. We VO's have a lot to share and teach.
11. Podcasters are your friends. Not only may they want to hire you for work, but they may also want to interview you!
12. You don't need to be with a union, a "Talent Scout" or SAG-AFTRA to get voice-over jobs.
13. Have a kick ass demo! (Even if only you think it's kick ass!)
14. Get on IMDb as soon as possible.

I have more, but if I give them all away I risk losing out on jobs as you know my secrets. I may eventually add more to this over time, but I wanted to add as much as I did because I communicate with people in real life looking for tips/suggestions/feedback.

Q. Can I fix your website?
A. Assuming anything is broken and not purposely done the way I want it is arrogant, so no. If I needed any help I'd hire someone. I love my website EXACTLY the way it is. And if I needed help, how did you find my website if it's ranking so poorly. Don't bother me with your lies.

Q. I'm a Voice-Over Actor, can you help me get Voice-over work?
A. I can offer you a few websites to join. I'm not saying I endorse them, I'm simply offering you links.

1. Respondent

2. Freelancer

3. Fiverr

4. Maven

5. Upwork

6. Code word Petite goldfish This gets you software for free you get to beta test. Everything from physical recording equipment to software. They email you each time there is something available.

7. Utest

8. Annika's Freelance Jobs - (Make sure the website is HTTP not HTTPS or you won’t see the menu!)

9. Mandy

10. Purely Said