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Annika's is the oldest legitimate world wide survey site listing on the Internet, where you don't have to pay a thing! Annika's is the most up to date free survey directory anywhere. Complete with work at home Virtual Jobs, discount Coupons, Samples, paid Mystery Shopping, Freebies, Surveys, paid Focus Groups, paid Product Tests, Beta Testing, paid teen Surveys panels, Sweepstakes, and so much more.... like

Paid Medical Personnel Survey Panels Paid to write Pinecone Research USA, UK, DE & Canada SignUp Jury Survey Panels / Online Mock Trial Juror
Mystery Shopping Instant Win Games Product Testing Technology Panels Game Survey Panels & Focus Groups

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Annika's now aids you in your quest to earn money online by supplying videos.
Annika's is one step ahead of any other Survey site listing on the internet.

SAHM & SAHD! Your answers to how the survey world works is here! Annika's, our members, and our international management team have actually completed many Surveys for these +2000 Survey Sites.

Also on our Survey Blacklist Pages, one of a kind protection to Annika's, you'll find a list of the sites you really should avoid, and/or enter into with extreme caution making sure you read the fine print very carefully such as ECN Research!

Read the introduction to the Survey Blacklist, and you will see how we feel about companies who would charge you to access the same information Annika's is offering you for FREE! Read how we feel about companies who would make a profit off YOUR hard-earned dollar, and offer you little, or nothing in return! This site WILL NOT sponsor ANY company of this nature... of course, companies' business venues change, and thus we are CONSTANTLY updating the links accordingly, as well as ADDING to them with new companies found by our friends and visitors who contact us with proposed sites. Of course, my staff and/or I myself have checked the company out personally, before listing it here.

You don't have to sign-up to ANYTHING to use this free world wide listing! But, if you would like to be kept up-to-date via our newsletter on changes made to Annika's, then please click the link to join. Also, you may want to join Annika's Forum because we do quite often receive word from several of these survey companies about special earning opportunities, such as Focus Groups offering $50 - $200 to speak with their moderators about a wide range of products, services, and/or health related issues. And unfortunately, these offers fill up very quickly.

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NOTICE: If you are a Survey, Focus Group, or Mystery Shopping company and you wish to be listed to Annika's, please contact us. We'd love to add you.

Annika's is not an incentive site, never has been and never will be. Everything is FREE!

Annika's is a faith based website.

No Scams! No partial lists! No hidden charges or access fees! It's all FREE! 100% risk free! No fees to access anything!

Annika's is your realistic guide to free money on the net. Your one stop free money resource.

Never pay for survey site listings, or other paid market research opportunities when they are all listed here for FREE!

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STILL NOT CONVINCED?! Read our frequently asked questions.

Please Note: Annika's is NOT a market research/paid survey website, we do NOT send out paid Surveys. Annika's is an online resource, and community for those who are interested in earning extra income taking paid Surveys, Focus Groups, Beta Testing, Product Testing, and more.

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