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There are several free adult paying jobs, surveys, focus groups, virtual jobs etc we have found and instead of putting it on a family site page we created this page to not insult anyone. These are ages 18 and over jobs. If you are offended, you shouldn't be ON this page, as the disclaimer states. Simply because Annika's supply these types of jobs does not mean we endorse them.

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My personal statement regarding this page. Please read before contacting us.

If you have any questions about these jobs please do not post them on Annika's, as Annika's is a family site. Thank you.

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Adult Survey Panels, Focus Groups & Product Tests

COC Panel COC Panel AKA Consumer Opinion Center. - You must be a smoker, or use Chewing Tobacco Cigarettes Cigars Hard Snuff Dip Pipes Snus. Legal smoking age and older. Pays by check, USA only. - Legal Smoking age, USA. - Product test all things KY includes such things as massagers. - Ages 21 and up to join. One of our staff already won their monthly prize of $200. Ages 18 and up. USA.

The Bartender Lounge Panel - Age 21 and over, must be a bartender OR Liquor Retail Associates. CODE EmJ7fo08 Consumer Panel Online is an online group for smokeless tobacco users. As a member, you have the opportunity to share your opinions with companies that make moist snuff (dip) and other smokeless tobacco products. USA. Of legal smoking age, and up to join. - Join the Stillhouse, and select the section option. "I'm into bourbon, tell me everything. — Mentor Experience." - USA points converted. Ages 21 and over.

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Free Adult Coupons & Other Goodies - Such as tobacco coupons, beer, wine, sweepstakes, giveaways & cigarettes coupons. - Coupons off Nicoderm CQ. - Booze parties all the time. - Various Free adult Stuff having to do with their alcohol. - Adult tobacco smokers. - Official Cigarette website. - SNUS - Smokeless Tobacco. - Cigarettes sign up to receive coupons and special offers. - Official Cigarette website. - This is the official website of Grizzly Smokeless Tobacco. - Various Cigarette related adult freebies. - Website limited to adult smokers 21 years of age or older. - Free Snus. - Cigarette coupons. - Cigarette coupons. - Cigarette coupons. - Cigarette coupons. - Site limited to eligible tobacco consumers 21 years of age or older. - Cigarette coupons, and other free stuff. - Coupons and more.
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Call below and ask for coupons, and to be put on their mailing list.

Basic, Cambridge, Marlboro
Benson Hedges, Merit, Virginia Slims
Camel and More
Carlton, GPC, Kools, Misty, Pall Mall, Tareyton, Viceroy
1-800-341-5211 / 1-866-756-9287
1 800-252-3500
Lucky Strike
American Spirit
USA Gold
1-800-980-415 or ITG Brands Consumer Contact Center: 1-866-233-6527

 STOP SMOKING FREE (Patches,  counseling, and payment what more could you want?) -  in the bottom right corner.

Free Adult Samples & Other Freebies

Yet another Free Maxim Magazine
Sample of Astroglide - Free lubricant. - Free sample of wet Synergy. - Free lubricant.
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These make great gifts for people, so keep that in mind when you order them.

Get a FREE Liquor Bottle Gift labels from Johnnie Walker
Get a FREE Liquor Bottle Gift from  Knob Creek
Free Crown Royal Labels

Virtual Jobs - Sell adult products like people who do Avon and Mary Kay. - Sell adult products like people who do Avon and Mary Kay. - Adult Phone Services.

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