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If you would like to share the information on these pages, feel free to share a link to Annika's instead, as these pages are the intellectual property of Annika's. Thanks in advance. Institute for Online Consumer Studies. Payment is cash, sweepstakes, and prizes. Have been paid. Oraclepoll Research. Surveys and Focus Groups. Ages and payment not mentioned to take part in their market research. Startup Lift. You are paid via PayPal. Be paid to test and review websites. You will be paid $5 for every feedback accepted. Contract Testing Inc. - Consumer Panelist. They specialize in sensory evaluations where you are asked to give opinions about the taste, texture, smell, appearance, etc. of various products. Test it for cash. Canada only. Intellifluence. If you are somebody who produces quality blog or social media content and have a faithful following, you are the kind of influencer we are always looking to partner with. Ethnic Voice Accord. Over 30,000 New Canadians are part of the Ethnic Voice Accord (EVA) community. Community members earn money for answering questions about the products and services they use on an everyday basis. $25 cash out. Expert Outpost. Add to your point totals with simple daily Surveys and cash in on a variety of rewards. Survey panel brought to you by Toluna. (Which is known to delete earnings after 18 months.) Ages 18 and up. Express Market Research. Their creative tasks (paid Focus Groups, Surveys, shopping, taste tests, Product Testing, etc.) take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to complete, and we pay accordingly, $50 - $300 cash to each respondent. All ages welcome. Internet Poll. Payment for your time doing Surveys. By filling out a sign-up questionnaire, you can help us determine which Surveys to include you in. MatriX Research. From Portland to Perth, San Diego to Shanghai, Matrix Research needs your help to participate in extremely interesting, well-paying research interviews. Surveys, Product Testing and Focus Groups. Ages 18 and older. Whether you are testing a concept website, participating in a Focus Group, or shopping at your favorite electronics store during an ethnographic interview, you will find research participation to be a fascinating and rewarding experience. Our research takes place at traditional Focus Group facilities, from home, over the phone, online or on your mobile phone. Information you provide during research is kept strictly confidential and never released outside of our studies. To be considered for research studies in your area, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or sign up to be part of our database. Registered database participants will receive email updates with information about our local research studies. Hotspex. Surveys for points converted for things. Ages 18 and over. Online market research community that has paid us. Want great rewards? We've got em! After completing just a few Surveys with us you'll be able to bid on contests, cash out for Gift Cards or PayPal payments, or play the HotPot yes, our very own lottery! Osmoz. Contests, and chances to win bottles of perfume. Take part in Surveys and Product Testing in order to contribute to conceiving tomorrow's classic scents. Tell us what you think by participating in Surveys or consumer groups about fragrance, and win lots of prizes! Take fragrance Quizzes to see how much you know, and to earn experience points. Ages 18 and up. Facts24. It's in German but appears they accept Canadian's welcome. Website gives me a headache it's so messed up. University of Pennsylvania Department of Psychology. Paid by PayPal so even if it's not Canadian it can be as long as you have PayPal. Surveys for cash drawings. Canada. Members of our Survey panel are sent an invitation to participate in a research study from time to time. This provides valuable context for our research and from these responses, we provide actionable insights for our clients. Test Spin. Join now, and you'll be eligible to earn up to $600 toward merchandise on by taking online Surveys and Product Testing. Register with TestSpin to test new products, music, videos, websites, and more. They want your opinion, and they'll pay you for it, up to $4 for taking a Survey, and $30 to join a Focus Group. Ages 18 and up. Been paid by this Survey company. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2019 Web Metrics. Must have company name. Canadian's welcome. Payments for your opinions doing Surveys are in the form of sweepstakes. Xpert Focus. By joining our panel, you will have the opportunity to participate in our Focus Groups where you will have the opportunity to express your opinions on subjects that matter to you.
Ram Panel. Pick your paper. Sweepstakes. Been paid by this panel. App Coiner. Product Testing international. Get Paid To Test Apps. Payment and ages are unknown, and keep in mind that there is a risk to your device. Brock University. Ages vary per project. Undergraduate Research Participation (SONA) The SONA online research management system is used to allow college students to efficiently obtain research participation credit. Some also allow payment via Amazon, or PayPal. Non students are welcome to join. The great thing about this Survey company is the easy access to Surveys via their mobile app. Make sure at the bottom you select some sort of paid participation. Enroll. Enroll lets you take quick tests to help make the web a better place for everyone. Help companies decide which logo is better, clarify content or simply complete tasks on a web site or app to ensure the interaction makes sense. Anyone can do it! Pays via PayPal. Open Minds. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up. UBC's Open Minds Forum is a diverse community of students, alumni, staff, and faculty who participate in Surveys and discussions to provide feedback on various aspects of their experience with the university. As a member, you'll have frequent opportunities to voice your opinions, influence UBC's programs and initiatives, and stay connected with the university. Canada Rewards. Ages 18 and above to join this CINT Survey panel. APTN Insiders panel. Ages 18 and up. As a member of our panel, you will have the opportunity to participate in paid research Focus Groups, and take part in a variety of interesting Surveys. In these research studies you get to provide your thoughts and opinions on products, topics and issues that matter to you! Baby Talk Panel. Ages 18 and older to take part in their online community. Moms and Dad's talk about their parenting. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Chick Advisor. Product Review Club, read carefully to join. APPLY FOR YOUR CHANCE TO TRY THE LATEST PRODUCTS. Citizens View Calgary. Invite only, not by Annika's, it's a Ipsos panel. In the case of Surveys being conducted by a child under the age of 13, a Panel member who is the parent must certify that they are at least 18 years old and that they are the legal guardian of the child. Coffee Table Connection. This is your exclusive online gathering place for you to share your opinions and experiences related to all things coffee - trends, new products, ways to make coffee, shopping, and much more. Ages 18 and older. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. CPA Ontario Insiders. Must be an investor in Ontario to take part. About once per month we'll invite you to help us with a quick Survey or online discussion. The Surveys typically take fewer than five minutes to complete. Then, after every Survey you complete, you'll be automatically entered into our monthly cash and prize draws - our way of saying thanks for helping. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up. FCC Vision Panel. Become a member and share your opinions about Canadian agriculture and how FCC can best serve this exciting, growing industry. Ages 18 and up to take part. Let's Talk Coop. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up. You can feel at home here in Let's Talk Co-op. You're part of a community where you can share your ideas and opinions on Co-op products, services and other new and exciting initiatives exclusive to Co-op! COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2019 M3 Global Research. Open to general public and health care professionals. You will be paid for every study that you successfully complete. Studies can be conducted online, face-to-face, or over the phone. Open to all medical healthcare professionals and their research ranges quite a bit, from short Surveys to interactive phone calls. However, on average, most studies are about 20-30 minutes. Their goal is to help people in the healthcare industry access the opinions of a variety of healthcare professionals regarding products and services currently or potentially being marketed. These may include new or expanded prescription medications, medical equipment, insurance-related issues or different treatment options for specific diseases, among many others. Medical professionals IE Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Practitioner, Interns, RX, RN, DR, PHD, LPN, ETC (this includes their clerical staff that work in health care). MDLinx Market Research Survey Panel. Ages 18, and up. Canadian residents to do Surveys. Members can earn compensation for participating in market research studies. Physicians and HCPs from around the world can join the MDLinx Panel and receive invitations to online medical market research Surveys. Market research Surveys are sent to you by email with the topic, length, and amount of compensation for completion. Medical professionals IE Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Practitioner, Interns, RX, RN, DR, PHD, LPN, ETC (this includes their clerical staff that work in health care). MD Voice. You are a valued Canadian physician with insight, knowledge and experience and we want to hear from you. Join us today to share your opinions and help shape future products and services for the evolving financial, practice and life needs of physicians in Canada. Join us today to share your opinions and help shape future products and services for the evolving financial, practice and life needs of physicians in Canada. Healthcare personnel IE Doctors, Physicians, Practitioner, Interns, DR, PHD, LPN, ETC. Manitoba Technology. Ages 18 and up, via Vision Critical. Please provide your contact information in order to participate in the community. This Survey will help to check the admission of ProxCards.
My Survey, NFO. They do email, snail mail, and Product Testing, and Surveys. Teens ages 14 and up to join to complete paying Surveys for cash and other prizes. They are famous for sending cold hard cash in the mail. Mobile app now too! We have been paid by this Survey company. My World Vision Opinion. We are excited to hear your thoughts and learn how we can change to improve the sponsorship experience. Ages 18 and up. Survey panel brought to you by the Survey company called Vision Critical. Office Opinions. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up. Ever wonder what makes your CEO happy or ticks off your co-workers? OfficeOpinions is a panel designed to understand the nuanced, tight-lipped behavior of the workplace and share it back with business professionals like YOU. Sign in below to share your thoughts!
Opinion Wizard. Canadian Surveys. Paid Focus Groups, Online Discussion Groups, Surveys, Product Testing. Incentives range on average from $40 to $300 for a few hours of group participation. USA, and Canada only. All ages welcome. Precision Research provides Qualitative and Quantitative Research services such as Focus Group recruiting, Focus Group rooms, consumer taste tests, online Surveys, Consulting and Legal research services like trademark infringement research and mock jury research. Passion Monnaie. Welcome to Passion Monnaie, an online community for coin enthusiasts of the Royal Canadian Mint! Ages 18 and up. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Play Test Cloud. PlaytestCloud is your one-stop solution for playtesting mobile games during prototyping, development, soft launch, and after release. This means you help test their softwarre. Their reward is around $10 per playtest, with the exact reward being determined by how long they are required to play. TD Advisory Panel. By joining the panel you become eligible to receive Survey invitations and give your feedback to help improve the customer experience at TD. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up. Technology Board. Canadian's welcome. When you are selected to participate in an online Survey (a typical Survey would take 15 minutes or so to complete), you will be paid money, ranging from a minimum of $10 USD. to $200 USD. or more, depending on the length of the online Survey. Also, just for being a member, your name will be entered each month in a drawing for $250 in cash prizes. Trans Link Survey. Be a part of TransLink's online advisory panel and get directly involved in the future of transportation in Metro Vancouver. Registration is quick and easy. Ages 18 and up. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Userlytics. Pays very well, a lot of different options to earn testing websites to apps. Once your test results have been approved, depending upon the user test project you can be paid $5, $10, $15, $20, or other amounts, some of our projects pay as much as $90 for having fun expressing opinions while navigating the web! Univox. Every 100 points you earn with us equates to $1. Once you earn 2500 points, you'll be eligible for a $25 Amazon gift code. Ages 18 and up accepted.
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Viewpoints. They send you products to review. If you don't review them you are out. Many offers to review are geared towards parents. Been paid via products by this company. VMC's GBTN. Ages 18 and older. Play AAA multiplayer console and PC titles before they're released. If you're looking to join GBTN, keep an eye on for when we reopen applications in the coming months! If you're a GBTN member looking to contact us, or if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach us by e-mail at !
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