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If your intention is to spam, it will not go through, if by chance it does, it will be reported to the fullest extent of the law. This is a business site, and while I try to support various charitable causes - I choose my own, and don't accept unsolicited requests, thank you. Please do not send invites, or referral links, our Terms of Service is very clear about spam, but please feel free to suggest anything not already added.

Please do not contact me about Pinecone Research if my links are active. Thank you.

Please Note: Annika's is NOT a market research/paid survey website, we do NOT send out paid surveys. Annika's is an online resource, and community for those who are interested in earning extra income taking paid surveys, focus groups, beta testing, product testing, and more.

Be sure to read the FAQ, The Getting Started section AND the front page before emailing us asking about ANY kinds of payment, and what you should do to earn.  And please use the search before any contact asking about things already stated upon the website. Not doing so may result in no reply.

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