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Discount Medical Health Care: - Super cheap savings on prescription medication. - Prescription discounts. - Patient Assistance Program Directory - Prescription discounts. - Free Health Care - Glasses and exam - Golden Buckeye - All around help
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
1 800-772-1213
TTY 1 800-325-0778

Other Discounts: - HUD - LIHEAP - Homestead Exemption - Salvation Army - DSIRE - Coat for your child. - Toys for your child - Restores great for discount housing needs. - Free credit report - Free wedding dresses for military personnel. - Wedding dress help - Housing Help. - Diaper Help.

Travel Discounts: - Going clear across the country for $1!

Phone Discounts: - Free Cell Phone With Limits - Affordable Telephone Service

Free College Classes:

Pet Care:

Swap Listings - Possible free stuff: - Kind of like Craigs List only everything is free - All sorts of things. - Low price hunting.

Free TV: - Watch TV for free. - Watch TV for free.
Any network App, such as ABCWatch

Coupons / Freebies:
Baby Freebies, Coupons, Samples and More

Shopping Discounts:
Check your local stores such as Rite Aid, CVS, Giant Eagle, etc
Ebates - AU - Customer Appreciation Program for Akron, Ohio shoppers at the Goodwill.

Food Discounts: - Food Stamps - National School Lunch Program - WIC - Rewards at Pizza Hut - Perdue
Banco de Alimentos - Brazil
Alimentos - Spain
Banques Alimentaires - France
Banki Zywnosci - Poland
The Trussell Trust - United Kingdom
Foodbank - Australia

Packages With Rewards:
Lancome You can get the UPC codes Here
Pampers Village Rewards

Discounted Gas / Petrol:
Important freebie, go to Google look up "free smoke detectors program" find your living location and you will find a page of directions as to what terms apply. It will be free, all others are scams.

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