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When you start doing paid Surveys or paid to read emails, you will need a separate email account for paid to read so you don't mix up your personal emails with your paying survey notifications or paid to read emails. You can get a free email account at such places as, and to name a few and use this email address when you sign up for paying Surveys and paid to read emails. It's important that you don't mix your personal emails with your survey, or paid to read emails. This way you shouldn't have to worry about spam, and or false closing of your email accounts.

1. Take advantage of the paid to read Autosurf, before it gets switched to manual. It's easy to do if you use Chrome, NOT IE. You just start it up click the start up number then place it at the bottom of the screen while you do other things.

2. If you enter a lot of competitions, register at new PTR (Paid to read) sites frequently or, for that matter, are about to join a lot of paid market research companies, then Roboform is an essential tool. Roboform will fill out online forms at the click of a button saving you masses of time and effort. In addition, it can also be used to safely store passwords and enter those at a click of a button as well so you'll never forget a password ever again. Roboform is 100% free for the basic version. You can download it here: Roboform

3. Communicate with the paid to read webmaster. This will help you get to know them, understand them, and perhaps get a heads up if the site is going to be around for a while. Don't harass them though, they are busy people.

4. Upgrade your paid to read email account! Keep in mind though it's not a good idea to upgrade on all sites owned by the same webmaster. After all if they go under you lose everything. Spread it out a bit. 

5. Get paid to read email referrals. The more referrals you have, the easier it will be to reach payout faster.

6. Do the paid to clicks,  and if you have no referrals do the searches and PTS. If you don't have time, but want to reach payout quickly get referrals.

7. If you need help getting referrals ask a friend, don't spam though. Post in forums, make a webpage of your links, post on social media, share your experience. Create banners for posting and advertising.

8. Advertise your paid to read account! (without spam) Some sites you can get loads of things for points. Yes this site sends points, but cash too. But for points the ads are too cheap in my mind to pass up! See for yourself sign up look at redemptions and if you don't want to stay a member what do you have to lose?

9. Get a PayPal account, or Alertpay. You may want to check them both out and pick which one you like best.

10. Research before you Upgrade your paid to read email account! There is always the risk the site will go under with your funds. Or be sold off to another webmaster. About fourty sites I belonged to have been sold off. Don't pull out just because the site has been sold. You may find out that the new webmaster is better than the old, with better deals. Ride the wave, you may be glad you did. I know I was several times. 

11. Stay active, and check your paid to read email accounts often. 

12. Keep track of your user names, and passwords on your all PTR's. Keep them in a safe place.

13. Make sure your email filters allow the paid emails you signed up for. I use to use hotmail a lot but as times have changed I found Gmail is easier to deal with and more sites accept Gmail.

14. Combine PTR (Paid to read) sites. Joining sites that work well together on redemptions is a must. It will help you earn, and promote your sites for FREE. Which in turn helps you earn even more.

15. Play trivia, bet big and win big when you use Google to look up all the answers. If the site you joined has a scramble game be sure to check out

16. Make sure you tick as many keywords as possible, and don't tick the bad ones that kick you out of the Paid to Read email program. READ THEM!

17. Take advantage of Paid to Read cheap offers, discounts, sales, bulk site upgrades. I have purchased many upgrades in my time, and learned that when the lifetime upgrades go on sale, look up the domain see how long it's registered for. If it looks like it will be a while, and the webmaster has a good rep, I purchase them. Yes I've lost some funds as well. Once again, save your receipts of purchase for tax time.

18. If you are paranoid, you don't have to put real mailing address in ANY of your paid to read email accounts. They never send anything there, and it's none of their business. So if you are worried about hackers or such, don't put your real data there, unless of course you request a check. Then you will have to provide all your correct information. This IS a breach of their terms and your account may be canceled. I've just dealt with enough webmasters to know that several have sold off personal data.

19. Make sure you typed your e-mail address correctly into the signup form on the paid to read site. I have members register for the forum and newsletter and typo their own email address and wonder why they aren't a part of the site. Go slow and confirm everything before you press enter. That's another reason why I love Roboform, I never typo when registering for a new website.
20. Save your sign up email, you never know when you may need it. You can use it for Paid to Sign ups, as well as to confirm the date of when you signed up for the site and you can work out if you are earning enough with that site.

21. I personally do not like to join a site that have PTP because often times the emails are cheaper in order to cope with the fact they offer PTP. I don't have time to advertise anymore so this is more of a hassle than a blessing. You will often find these sites are the very meaning of pyramid scam. If you don't promote you don't earn. So you have to put money in to get money out. Not how PTR is meant to work, for anyone. This was not the case in the past. You need to test. I have found a very rare few that still do things properly which is why I have them on the paid to read emails sign up page.

22. Be careful with PTR websites that say "relaunched" on them. This could mean they were sold and taken over to a webmaster doing a runner and someone else buying the site up. Either way, that word scares me. I haven't ever seen a business like Target or Walmart that has been relaunched, have you?

23. Take advantage of the birthday clubs, contest ads, and free upgrades. All these usually get you free ads and you can promote your referral links for other companies. This is also a great way to promote your PTP links. But be sure the site you are running the ads on are approved for you to earn with your PTP link. (PTP has a lot of terms!).

24. Don't click your own ads. You paid or earned them and most likely they are limited clicks. Get your ads worth.

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