Surveys that target culturally specific panelists.

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Payments for Surveys, Focus Groups, and Product Testing.
WW Brand InstituteBrand Institute. Paid by PayPal. World Wide, but mostly needing Latin America and the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago. Ages 16 and up. Been paid by this panel. Cash
USA MX CO AR PE VE CL EC GT BO PY CR PA DigaYGane Panel DigaYGane Panel. Must be Hispanic to join, 18 years or older to take part in paid Surveys. Points Converted / Amazon Gift Card / Sweepstakes
WW e-research-globale-Research-Global - Online Surveys. You will have the opportunity to take online and off-line Surveys, participate in Focus Groups and test new products. When you are selected and participate in a study, you will receive cash sent to you using PayPal. If you live in the USA, you also have the option of receiving a check. Ages 13 and older. CINT international Survey Panel. We have been paid by this Survey company.Products / Other / PayPal
CA EVA Ethnic Voice Accord Ethnic Voice Accord. Over 30,000 New Canadians are part of the Ethnic Voice Accord (EVA) community. Community members earn money for answering questions about the products and services they use on an everyday basis. $25 cash out. Cheque / Check
WW Global Test Market Spanish speaking Hispanics Global Test Market. Ages 13 years or older. Spanish / Espanol speaking Hispanics to do paying Surveys. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2019 Points Converted / Sweepstakes
WW HivingHiving. Ages 13 and up depending upon country. Surveys, and international Product Testing. CINT Survey panel that reaches out to multicultural panelist. We have been paid by this Survey company.PayPal / Other / Points Converted
USA Ipsos US African Americans Ipsos. Ages 18 and up. We have been paid by this Survey company. Many times they target Surveys specific to African American's.Other / Sweepstakes
WW Livra All Other locations
Livra AR
Livra BR
Livra CR
Livra NI
Livra HN
Livra UY
Livra EC
Livra PE
Livra CO
Livra CL
Livra. Founded in 1999 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and is the leading Online Market Research company in Latin America. Livra is an online community of consumers where you can write and read reviews, complete online Surveys and interact with friends and people who share your same interests. Every time you complete a Survey you get the chance to win prizes (like digital cameras, iPods, trips and other prizes). Sweepstakes / Other / Prizes
USA FR UK DE IT ES CH BR AU NL Nielsen Digital Voice USA
Nielsen NetRatings all other locations
Nielsen Net ratings UK
Nielsen Digital Voice AKA Net Ratings, which is an excellent company. Chance win. Ages 18 and up. Únase a Nielsen Digital Voice y conviértase en ganador! Unirse es simple. Inscríbase, descargue la aplicación y navegue la red! Nielsen entrega $10,000 en EFECTIVO CADA MES tenemos 400 ganadores. Mantenga la aplicación por 35+ días para obtener entradas mensuales para GANAR! You must download and install the software. Online market research community that has paid us. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2019 Sweepstakes
USA CA Opinion Outpost HispanicOpinion Outpost. Ages 13 and up. Easy to reach payout.  Product Testing as well as Surveys. Minority's needed to do paying Surveys. We have been paid by this Survey company. Cash / Points Converted / Sweepstakes / Amazon Gift Certificates / PayPal
USA CA UK IT FR JP DE Pinecone Research - USA UK CA DE - IT 14 and up FR 15 and up - JP
Pinecone Research. Hispanics and African Americans are often times required for this Survey panel. Ages 18 and up. Piña La investigación es una compañía de encuestas que realmente necesita panelistas latinos e hispanos. Pago es de $ 3 por cada encuesta completada. Y conseguir esto, el dinero en efectivo es de $ 3! Hable acerca de un pago fácil de hacer. Una encuesta = un cheque! PayPal / Check / Sweepstakes
USA Springboard AmericaSpringboard America / El Trampolin. Latino, Amigos, and Latina Hispanics needed to do Surveys. Ages 14 and up. We have been paid by this Survey company. Other / Sweepstakes
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Sri Lanka
Mexico 15 and up
South Africa
Portugal 13 and up
Puerto Rico 17 and up
Costa Rica
Triaba Panel. Ages vary per country and are 16 and up unless other wise noted. CINT international Survey panel that paid us. There are many more countries listed on other pages. Spanish / Espanol speakers welcome.Other / PayPal / Amazon / Gift Cards
USA Tuvoz Latina TuVoz Latina. Must be Hispanic and able to read Spanish to take part in these paid Surveys. TuVozLatina (MySurvey) has rewarded tens of millions of dollars to their members. The panel offers an extensive number of reward options.Points Converted / Sweepstakes
USA YouGov Main PageYougov. Latinos, multicultural, and African American's needed to take paying Surveys. Ages 13 and up to join. Sweepstakes / Cash / Points Converted / Check / Direct Deposit / Other
Social Moms. You post often through their blog, write reviews and answer questions. Redeem through the app on their Facebook. Surveys, and more. We are looking for African-American and Hispanic women bloggers for a new blogging opportunity. If this is you, please complete this brief Survey with the second link above. No age limits mentioned. Online market research community that has paid us.Amazon Gift Certificates / Points Converted
USA Become a social media influencer by writing on social media sites for points that convert into rewards and/or chances to win. Latino, Spanish.Other
USA Out Loud. There is no mention if this Focus Group community is limited to GA USA or not. Nor are the age limits mentioned or payment. We will enter the information in our database and look forward to your participation in our research projects.Other
USA DiMe Media (formerly Latina Mom Bloggers). Latina or Latino video content creator on YouTube, Vine, Instagram or Snapchat and would like to be considered for future brand opportunities join!Other
USA Panel / Knpanel. There appears to be no way to join without them sending you a code through the mail.Points Converted
USA Hispanic teens between 13 and 20 years old to complete Surveys for cash and other prizes. Stereotipo provides you insight into the hearts and minds of Hispanic teens. How teens view your products, your company and your competitors. Get your share of this staggering market with research reports prepared from direct interviews, Focus Groups and multiple discussions.Cash / Products
Connexion Research. Focus Groups ages 18 and older Texas only I believe.Other
MX ES PE AR VE UY CL SA Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Uruquary, Colombia, and the rest of Latin America. All ages welcome.Points Converted
WW African American's, and Hispanics needed to complete paying Surveys. Answer Surveys for additional points on the respective program as well as respond to match your interests. You have to be accepted and approved in order to start doing Surveys. Ages 18 and over international multicultural panel. We have reached payout many times. Points Converted
USA's my Thing BET. itsmythingBET wants African Americans to join their panel. Surveys that earn 100 points just for signing up. Ages 13 and older. Product Testing and Surveys. Been paid to complete Surveys. Points Converted
CA Corner. Focus Groups and Surveys. Ages 16 and up. Registering with Ethnic Corner multicultural is free and simple. It takes only 3 minutes to register and your account will be deposited $5 upon your registration. Our panel consists of Ethnic and New Canadians.Check / PayPal
USA Research. They are seeking business professionals, consumers, and Spanish speaking persons as well as everyone else. Must be at least 18 years old. Unknown if its limited to Chicago IL. Been paid by this panel. PayPal
UK ETHNOS. They developed the only reliable, online Survey panel dedicated exclusively to people from ethnic minority backgrounds living in the UK. Oddly enough they link to but then it shows ONLY UK and EU and Mingle is a much wider panel then that. Points Converted
USA AR Surveys, Product Testing, and Focus Groups. The largest Hispanic Market Research company. If you like to talk, you can participate in our Surveys. It's easy and fun. You will never be sold anything and your information will be kept confidential. Cash / Other
USA ES PT MX CO VE PE AG UY CL SA AR BR EC CR Opinando. Must be older than 14 years and in a Spanish-speaking country. [Please note this is a CINT Survey panel.] Remember that at the end of the registration you will receive an e-mail to activate the service and start receiving Surveys.PayPal
Galloway Research Service. You must be 18 years of age to participate in Focus Groups, Mock Jury, Product Testing and Surveys. Must live in the San Antonio USA, and surrounding area to qualify. We have been paid by this Survey company. Cash / Merchandise
USA MX http://www.latinoeyes.comLatino Eyes. Hispanic paying Survey panel. Pay by check. Ages 18 and up. We have been paid by this Survey company. Become a member of this Hispanic community and share your personal views and experiences, which could help improve products and services in America. LatinoEyes® is the research consultancy division of C+R Research that specializes in U.S. Hispanic and Latin American consumers and shoppers. Cash / Check / Sweepstakes
USA http://www.loquedigo.comLoque Digo. Open to Hispanics 18+ only. LoQue Digo's goal is to make it easier, faster and cheaper for all companies and organizations to connect with their current and prospective customers to improve their products, services and offerings. LoQue Digo is also focused on providing an unparalleled multicultural panelist experience. With the multitude of places to take Surveys online we pride ourselves on valuing our member's efforts and rewarding them accordingly.Points Converted / PayPal
UK Britain Think. All ages welcome but must have parents permission. DO YOU BELONG TO AN ETHNIC GROUP? We want to hear your opinion! By joining our panel you will now have access to more Surveys and receive greater rewards.Amazon / Other
WW http://www.palmresearch.comPalm Research. All age groups welcome to complete multicultural paying Surveys. We don't list this panel anywhere else besides the Blacklist because of the person that operates it has abused Annika's, our staff and Amy in the past. Hopefully though he pays his members.Other
USA Susopiniones. Hispanics, Amigos, Latinos, Latina, American's, Mexican Americans, and more needed to do Surveys in English and Spanish. Ages 18 and up. Visit daily for instant win prizes. Cash / Gift Cards
USA Razor Focus. Depending on the project, you could earn up to $400 for your time and candor.Other
USA Moms. We are looking for African-American and Hispanic women bloggers for a new blogging opportunity. If this is you, please complete this brief Survey. Amazon Gift Certificates
Latino Surveys. CINT Survey panel ages 13 and older unless other wise noted.PayPal
MX AR - MX 15 and up - AR
Premium Encuestas. Ages 16 and above unless other wise noted to join this CINT market research Survey panel.PayPal
USA NaturallyCurlys Trendsetter Insights Community. Product Testing and Surveys brought to you by My Take. NaturallyCurly needs your help in shaping the hair care industry, but spots for this community of empowered women are filling up fast. We're looking to build a diverse group, so please know that taking this Survey does not guarantee you automatically qualify.Other
USA Ebony Systems AKA EMS. Possibly NY only, ages limits not listed to join these Focus Groups. Ebony Marketing Systems, Inc. (EMS) has extensive experience in multicultural market research and marketing. Not only has EMS conducted hundreds of research projects and Surveyed thousands of people from all walks of life, but EMS also has a unique and insightful perspective on a variety of ethnic market segments.Other
USA Essence Insiders. Share your habits and thoughts on events, culture, style and new products. Become an insider today. By joining our exclusive group of Black women, you can be the first to try new products and tell us what you really think! Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
BET: For Lovers of Black Culture. Ages 18 and up. Survey research panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Calling all lovers of black culture.Sweepstakes / Other
USA Mi Mosaico. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 13 and up. Join My Mosaic and change the way you watch TV. We give you the opportunity to tell us what, how and when you want to see your favorite series. Be part of our exclusive team and create better programming!Sweepstakes / Other
USA Telemundo. Ages 13 and above. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Keep up with our latest advances, win prizes, and help us improve your viewing experience!Sweepstakes / Other
USA One Community. Ages 18 and up. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Welcome to ONE Community, where Black people who are ready to make an impact go to share their opinions and thoughts on the media, campaigns and current events impacting them. We are thrilled you've joined our community, where there are many perspectives correlated to create ONE voice to represent the best thinking of a cross-generational Black community of great minds. What you think matters. We encourage your honest opinions and authentic thoughts. Collectively, you will enable us to impact the media, advertising and music culture that seeks to attract the buying power of Black Americans.Sweepstakes
UK DE TK ZA FR IT ES PT PL RU Your Opinion. Ages 18 and up. Contacted and confirmed not US. Other / PayPal
USA ES BR MX Nice Quest. Ages 18 and up. Joining our 1.5 million niceMembers around the world is free and by invitation only. You can get your exclusive invitation from one of our Partners. And don't forget to follow us on our social networks to find out when we next have our next contest- exclusive to members only!Sweepstakes / Other
USA Que Opinas. QueOpinas offers Hispanics in the United States and Latin America the opportunity to share their opinions about products, services and stores around the world. Hispanics are becoming one of the most important demographic groups in the United States and Latin America and QueOpinas provides the ideal means to understand this group. QueOpinas wants to be the voice of Hispanics living in the United States and unites the Hispanic consumer with companies that want to hear their opinions in a fun online environment. Complete with mobile app. Points Converted / Other / PayPal / Western Union / Check
USA Univisionistas. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up. Univisionistas is a site created especially for a community of influential multicultural people who share ideas and opinions directly with the Univision team. You will have the opportunity to take a look at what we are doing before others. Your opinion is important! If you feel the same passion for Univision as we do and you like to express yourself, we want to know what you think. We are here to listen to you! Sweepstakes / Other
USA https://www.unratojuntas.comUn Rato Juntas. Basically the Spanish version of Vocal Point. Ages 18 and up. Surveys, freebies, Product Testing and so much more. Un Rato Juntas is a place to talk about yourself and your culture with other Latinas, plus get little gifts to share with friends and family. Other
USA Voz Latinum. Ages 18 and older. VozLatinum, the newest Latino Market Research Online Community, is here!Sweepstakes / Check / Points Converted

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