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Please note Assembly Jobs, AKA Artisan Jobs may require up front payment for materials, and do not guarantee payment for your time. We merely list them because several of our members, and network connections have had luck with some.
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WW Paid to Drive Annika's. Be paid to drive your car for various companies. Be it food delivery or persons to pick up and drive like a cab. Amazon even needs drivers.
USA Dscout. Ages 18 and up. They have a Mobile app for Android, and Apple. Complete missions for rewards. We have been paid by this Survey company. They often require you to go to stores to complete jobs.
USA Easy Shift. EasyShift is the fun, quick and easy way to earn cash on the go, by doing simple assignments like taking a picture, recording a price or giving your opinion. Limited locations. Ages 18 and older.
USA UK AU CA Agent. Our App pays you to report specific pieces of information and return it to them via our iPhone, Ipad, Ipod Touch App. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research. Often requiring you to go to the store and do things.
WW Startup Lift. You are paid via PayPal. Test and review websites. You will be paid $5 for every feedback accepted.
WW Side Income Jobs. They charge so be careful, use this as a last resort compared to everything else we have here on Annika's for free. New Jobs. Every Day.
USA Video Network. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research. Focus Groups, and Surveys, payments are rather large. Been paid by this panel.
WW Accutran Global. We are always interested in engaging with new contract transcribers, real-time stenographers and voice writers. We offer work in other departments to contractors who have an established track record with us. The ability to work independently and meet client deadlines while following guidelines precisely is critical for anyone contracting with us.
WW Experts123. This link explains how you get paid Payment via PayPal.
Galloway Research Service. You must be 18 years of age to participate in Focus Groups, Mock Jury, Product Testing and Surveys. Must live in the San Antonio USA, and surrounding area to qualify. We have been paid by this Survey company.
WW Happy Tutors. Be a Tutor from the comfort of your own home.
USA England Opinion. Woonsocket, Rhode Island USA only. Cash for in person Surveys, Mock Jury Trials, and Focus Groups. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research.
WW Online Writing Jobs. Place to search for writing jobs. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2019
AU Research. Are you interested in being part of a mock jury? They seek Consumer, and Business People to give their opinion on a variety of products, services, and issues. The market research is usually held in the form of small Focus Group discussions, one to one interviews or as Surveys. Payment varies on a per hour basis, and according to subject matter. Ages 18 and up.
uTest - Software testing. For each reported bug, you earn grading points, and recommendations. The higher your grade, the higher your bug rates are, which means you will get more money per bug. Improve your testing skills by exposure to various testing assignments, and become a better tester. World wide technology Product Testing. We have been paid by this market research company.
WW Writer Lance. Freelancer writing jobs, you bid on them, but the rates are really horribly low. Depends how desperate you are for money, and how good you are at writing.
WW Testing Time. For usability tests, Focus Groups, interviews, Surveys and more. Product Testing websites is the norm.
WW Surveys, Mystery Shopping and more for cash payments. Been Paid. Ages 18 and up. Often wants people to stock shelves or go to stores and take photos. SUPER easy money!
WW Aquent. Your next big adventure starts with a single step. Start by finding jobs perfectly matched to your unique talents.
WW Buddy School. Be a Tutor from the comfort of your own home.
WW Enroll. Enroll lets you take quick tests to help make the web a better place for everyone. Help companies decide which logo is better, clarify content or simply complete tasks on a web site or app to ensure the interaction makes sense. Anyone can do it! Pays via PayPal.
USA Developer Beta Testing. Payment varies per posting as well as ages. Beta test your apps with the help of our community.
WW TutorABC. Become an English tutor today and work your own hours.
USA Magna`s Online Jury Research. Fill in their form to take part in their online jury panel. This form will be used to confirm a conflict check as well as to create a thorough juror screener please include all the information you have on all parties, law firms, attorneys, insurance carriers, corporations etc.
WW Mini Jobz. They turn your free time into money. Minijobz unique approach guaratee employers that every task paid is successfully completed while guaranteeing that workers get paid for every job they complete. Post jobs and get success. Do jobs and earn money. Why not to sign up right now!
WW Rapid Workers. RapidWorkers is a crowdsource service with to more than 100,000 Workers. Pays via PayPal.
WW Task Army. Just like Fiverr set your own rates.
UK Tutor Hub. The UK's best selection of online tutors. Sign up to work from home as a tutor.
USA https://wagwalking.comWag Walker. Paid to walk dogs. Make sure you clean up the poop!
USA Blue Zebra Appointment Setting. For consideration and progression to the next step in our hiring process, all interested applicants must submit their resume demonstrating the requirements are met, via e-mail to:  Should your skills match the projects we presently have, we will respond via email with next steps.
WW CSR. You must be available Monday through Saturday and expect to work a minimum of 3 hours per day.
First Court. We pay our jurors well, and we know that, like thousands of other jurors we have worked with over the years, you will find our private jury trial to be an interesting and satisfying to spend a day or a few hours.
WW Freelancermap. Freelance & contract jobs for IT experts (mostly German projects).
WW Golang Projects. If you like the programming language Go (Golang), this is where you can find current job openings or freelance positions.  COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2019
Alaska Panel. We conduct paid online Surveys and in-person Focus Group discussions in nearly every community in Alaska throughout the year. If you would like to be considered for upcoming paid market research projects such as online Surveys, and Focus Groups, please fill out this short Survey and join the Alaska Panel database. When a paid Survey or Focus Group opportunity comes up that you are qualified for, we will give you a call. Mock Jury Trials, Focus Groups, Polling and Surveys.
WW Keen. Use your abilities to help guide others.
USA Karchner Marketing Research and KMR Research Studio. Focus Groups, Online Jury, Mock Trial and so much more. They offer online/virtual groups, telephone, and in-person.
WW Krop. Search the job base for your creative needs.
WW Lion Bridge. Always on the hunt for the best people to work with. Our vast network of experts and visionaries makes us who we are. Full-time. Part-time. In one of our 47 offices or from your home.
WW Microworkers. Plenty of job offers all in one location.
USA Paid to walk dogs. Make sure you clean up the poop!
WW Samasource. Samasource is an award-winning social enterprise with a huge vision: to connect the one billion people living in poverty around the world to work using the power of technology.
WW Tutor Vista. Be a tutor today! Change a life by helping a student.
WW Tutor. Become an online tutor with us today.
WW Pays very well, a lot of different options to earn testing websites to apps.
WW Verbal Planet. Teach others another language from the comfort of your own home.
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