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USA Concord Evaluation Group. Participate in a Survey, Focus Groups, Interview, or Product Usability Studies. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research studies. We have been paid by this Survey company.
WW Experience Dynamics. We are looking for all types of people: people new to the web; IT professionals; users with disabilities; people across the world (we do regular global usability studies). Incentives are between $50-$150 dollars per study depending on the scope of the study. Ages 18, and older.
USA Lakamo Recruiting. Various usability testing, and Focus Groups for kids, consumers, and business people. Filling out the registration form is really what drives the process for us on knowing who to call based on matching what our client needs are.
USA TiVo! If you are a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, and tend to be available during the day to come to a test (could spend an hour at our offices in Alviso, CA USA between 9 AM and 6 PM), you might be eligible to participate in a usability test at TiVo! We usually pay participants $50 and up per session (depending on the length and the nature of the session). TIVO users only. Ages 18 and up.
WW Accutran Global. We are always interested in engaging with new contract transcribers, real-time stenographers and voice writers. We offer work in other departments to contractors who have an established track record with us. The ability to work independently and meet client deadlines while following guidelines precisely is critical for anyone contracting with us.
DE I+E Research. No mention of age limits nor what type of kind of payment they make. Test new products and help shape them. Are you interested in participating in our market research studies, opinion polls, product or usability tests?
USA Usability Sciences. They need people with work experience in a variety of industries. They also need people with different levels of Internet experience. You will be compensated as a paid participant for your feedback, and opinions. Usability tests, and Focus Groups, Product Testing and Surveys take place in our labs located in Irving, Texas (near Dallas). However, they occasionally conduct usability studies in other cities. Limited USA.
US UK TIME ETC. As a freelance Virtual Assistant, once you're up and running you'll also need to hold Professional Liability insurance. Keep this in mind before you join.  COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2019
WW n.html
Beta Testing At Intuit. Test and win Prizes by earning beta points. Ages 18 and older and up to join to complete Surveys for cash and other prizes. We have been paid by this world wide market research company.
IN GigIndia. Make money online by working with popular brands and companies and performing easy gigs, part-time jobs, and work from home jobs. They can also apply for paid internships on the app. The app is currently available only for Android.
WW TestBird. As a Testbird, you will hunt for software bugs to make applications and websites more usable. So it's Product Testing of sites, software, apps, etc.
IN Lemonop app. Lemonop is a good app for college students and freshers to find part-time gigs, short-term internships, and work from home projects and get paid. The app is currently available only for Android.
IN Squadrun. Their missions include tagging images, categorizing products, giving feedback, ETC. SquadCoins can be sent to users Paytm wallet or redeemed for PayUMoney points.
WW Microsoft Power BI. Ages 18 and older to take part in their international paying Survey panel. The Power BI team is always interested in learning more about people using our product. Panel members are invited to participate in usability studies, interviews, and Surveys. Once you join the panel, we will contact you when we need volunteers to participate in Power BI research. All studies are remote and scheduled at your convenience.
WW Task Army. Just like Fiverr set your own rates.
WW UberTester. Become an Ubertester, earn money, and test pre-released amazing mobile apps and exciting games from the leading mobile developers around the world, and all in your spare time. Usability Testing is fun and easy.
USA Wag Walker. Paid to walk dogs. Make sure you clean up the poop!
USA Blue Zebra Appointment Setting. For consideration and progression to the next step in our hiring process, all interested applicants must submit their resume demonstrating the requirements are met, via e-mail  Should your skills match the projects we presently have, we will respond via email with next steps.
End to End Research. Focus Groups, Product Testing and Surveys. We can conduct your studies onsite at your business, in our facilities, or remotely. With services ranging from recruiting, usability testing, Focus Groups, facilities rental and more, our business is research, because research matters.
First Court. We pay our jurors well, and we know that, like thousands of other jurors we have worked with over the years, you will find our private jury trial to be an interesting and satisfying to spend a day or a few hours.
USA Join Papa. Papa connects College Students to Older Adults who need assistance with transportation for seniors, house chores, technology lessons, companionship, and other senior services. Basically being a paid caregiver just another way to go about doing it.
USA UK CA DE IT NL NZ SG SE DK FI JP CH BE AU FR - US 13 and up - UK 13 and up - CA 18 and up - DE - IT 14 and up - NL - NZ 15 and up - SG - SE 13 and up - DK 13 and up - FI 13 and up - JP 15 and up - CHFR - CHGR - CHIT - BEFR 13 and up - BENL 13 and up - AU 14 and up - FR 15 and up
Usability Testing Panel AKA Loop11. Main website is used for website user testing. Hopefully the Surveys are just as goood. Survey brought to you by CINT. Teens ages 16 and up unless other wise stated.
WW Microsoft - User Research. When you participate in a Microsoft User Research study, you become part of their product, and services development process. In helping them understand your needs, you'll help shape the future of technology. Been paid by this Survey company.
Join the Micro Focus User Testing Pool. We on the corporate web team are enhancing the usability of our websites and building some brand new ones, and we wonder if you'd like to help. We will be running several short tests over the coming months, studying specific elements and logical flows to see how we can make them easier to use. All our tests will be done remotely. Our test moderator will schedule you for a time that is convenient for you, and in most cases will use GoToMeeting to conduct and record the test. We will capture what you do (and say) as you work through a short test scenario.
USA Rover. Paid to walk dogs. Make sure you clean up the poop!
WW Samasource. Samasource is an award-winning social enterprise with a huge vision: to connect the one billion people living in poverty around the world to work using the power of technology. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2019
UK Summit Studios. Focus Groups, Depths, Mystery Shops, Online Surveys, Online Forums, Sampling, Tasting and Usability Testing. Products from packaging to mobile phones and Adverts to car clinics.
WW Tutor. Become an online tutor with us today.
UsabilityHub AKA UserCrowd. Earn money giving design feedback. Participate in quick design Surveys, help make products better, and get paid doing it. UsabilityHub is a remote user research platform that takes the guesswork out of design decisions by validating them with real users. Get paid for each response you provide. Once you've accumulated at least 100 credits you can request a payout via PayPal.
WW User Interviews. Answer questions, get paid. It's that easy. User Interviews is the easiest way to get paid for your feedback on real products. So it's Product Testing of sites, software, apps, etc. Pays via Amazon.
IE X Communications. Product Testing and Surveys. No ages mentioned. We're always on the look out for real people of all ages to test our customers products. Join us in a Focus Group or usability test and get paid for your time and opinions.
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