This is a get Paid to Read (GPTR) email guide for those new to Paid to Read email sites. I will add to this as often as possible and update it. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you think anything else should be added, (or removed.)
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I can't possibly please everyone but I can at least try to help out where, and how I can. This is not a cheat guide, this is a Paid to Read email guide. Not as complete as I'd like it to be, but enough to get you started, and give you a quick run down for newbies.

The Paid to Read (PTR) email actually does take reading to get a hang of the programs, and where the ads are placed. Each program is set up slightly different. Some use top, and bottom ad spots. Ignore these, don't click those links as they aren't paid links usually, test and see for yourself. Mostly you want to look in the middle of the email ad. Skimming emails becomes a habit with webmasters that run the same ads day after day. But you will want to read the emails because there will be some warnings, suggestions, etc that you will want to know about. 

Keywords. Don't click the bad keywords. Such as "I don't read English." or "I cheat" these will get you deleted. There are others to watch out for too, but these are EXAMPLES nothing more. If you wish to click them go right ahead.

About the Paid to Read email site mail box. It's always a good idea to check it about once a week. Just to see if you are missing any emails. Though I own my own domain, I too still do not get all the Paid to Read emails. No idea why, as my filters are only sexual. And I seriously doubt they are sending me those types of mails.

Beware of Paid to Read email cheat links. They can be placed anywhere in the email. So READ the subject lines if you don't apply filters. Another tip about subject lines is look for the word LIMITED. Those are the links you want to click first. My suggesting the applying of a filter is nothing more than that. A suggestion, if you wish to not do so that is your option. I'm sorry if this suggestion offends anyone but I like to help people and if that's a problem too bad.

If you use Internet explorer and are on dialup there is a faster way to do Paid to Read emails. Download Chrome or Firefox. This allows you to use many tabs. And open up more than one link in a window at a time. (Great for Autosurf sites too. ) Some Paid to Read sites only allow one link to be opened at a time. Some don't. You will have to work out which ones do and do not.

The way to use Firefox is, you click a link it opens Firefox. Then click new tab (LOOKING at that blank new tab) click the next link. This will open up the next link in the new window/tab you are looking at. This can be applied to Chrome as well.

Ignore the links ending in AOL unless you are on AOL. Also ignore the links that don't start with the site name. Those aren't the paid ones but the actual site you are visiting. If you wish, you may use that link to revisit the site unpaid.

Paid to Read Searches, if you didn't click the "search" keyword when you signed up but are getting search ads, you do NOT have to search. You also don't have to click those emails. But my thoughts on this are, they are in your inbox, click them get paid and don't do the search. You didn't sign up to search yet get the mails, it's free money to you. Sooner or later the webmaster will stop sending searches to those who haven't ticked the "search" keyword. 

Points, are usually converted or exchanged for ads. If a webmaster is too lazy to make a points keyword you can simply add a filter to your email to weed out these ads if you truly don't want them. I like to earn points because I exchange them for ads, banners, PTCs.

Paid To Click (PTC), if you have no downline and you don't search this is yet another way to speed up your income level. You log into the site and go to the 'paid to click' section. This is just like reading the emails but you just click banners and wait for the timer to go off.

Paid To Search (PTS), these are paid to search links. You click them, make a search, and you and the person you searched for are both paid for it.

Paid To Promote (PTP), Is Paid To Promote web pages. Every time your page is viewed you are paid a very small amount of money. Waste of bandwidth in my opinion (for the company doing it), but for some odd reason this seems to be a big thing and is being promoted more so.

Autosurf, is good for easy cash and or points. Easier with the power of DSL and Firefox, or Chrome. If it's not on manual I don't really think it's good to place your own web pages on. As people are doing just as I suggest, set it up and ignore it. You want to waste your points/money on pages that are going by ignored go right ahead.

Trivia and other contest, these are a great way to earn extra cash and or points. I find it fun to take part in them even if only a tiny bit is the wager.

Paid To Sign Ups (PTSU), these are good if you are looking for new sites to join. You get an extra bonus in your account and if you don't like the site, you have to remain a member though for a certain time limit.

Get Paid To (GPT), these are actions you have to take in order to get paid. You either sign up or do whatever it says on the website. We do not support these kinds of websites due to the level of scams.

Tips and How to's on PTR emails can be found in our forum.

How to complete a Paid To Read email search: When you get the email, you click the link as you normally would. Only instead of reading the page and waiting for the timer to go off. You click a link on the page that loaded or you simply type a word in the search box. After that you wait for the results to load, then you click another link on that page. Thus completing a search you have reached the new page you were paid to get to.

How to complete a Paid To Read email: When you get the email, you click the paid link, you wait for the timer to count down. That's it. You have been paid. You don't sign up for anything, you do not fill anything in. That is NOT how PTR works, you only sign up if you WANT the offer.

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