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What exactly is it to be paid to read emails?

A.Paid to read emails, are emails that are ads, much like TV ads. You read the advertisers ads, and then click a link, (your browser) will load the page they are advertising. A timer is sometimes used, and you wait for the timer to go off, to be paid. Then you move onto the next email.

What is a downline?

A. A downline is amount of people that sign up under you. The larger your downline the more you earn.

How much can you make in a month doing paid to read emails?
How long do you spend doing paid to read emails?

A. Depends on how much I do. Between $50 - $150 a month (I exchange for ads a lot though not cash out). Because I upgrade, and promote is why I earn this don't expect that right out the gate. Because I use Chrome it only takes about 1 hour a day. And I belong to about 20 companies. Not all are listed on Annika's as I only post the ones I love and have paid me and proven themselves to be good sites.

What pays the most? Surveys, Paid to Read Emails, Virtual jobs or Focus Groups?

A. Virtual jobs. Surveys lead up to Focus Groups which are usually why everyone claims Surveys pay so much. Focus Groups are rare but they do happen. Myself I love but you have to have skills to do that. Like work on web pages, graphics, programming, audio etc. Most of the virtual jobs you have to have cable, or another phone line.

What are your favorite paid to read email companies, or which do you highly recommend?

E-rewards E-rewards
Mypoints Mypoints
DealsNCash - DealsNCash

How can I maximize my earnings?

A. Easy, if you have a website, or belong to a paid to read email site, advertise your own links. Any emails you send jokes and such, include a link to join in your signature, your Facebook account, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, and Myspace too. Spread the word, with out spamming.


I noticed some paid to read email sites only pay with PayPal, Can you tell me a bit about PayPal?

A. PayPal is free to join, free to get funds and fee to withdraw funds. As a personal account. To get PayPal join here. It's safe and secure providing you pick a good password as well as secret questions even family members don't know the answers to. PayPal payments are processed instantly, unless someone pays you by E-Check. You will of course get an email either way. PayPal payments are always confirmed.

How come you don't have more paid to read email companies listed?

A. Because there are loads of scam paid to read email web sites. They appear to be fine, and work right which is how I found out they are scams. I have joined them and waited for payout or emails to discover how they operate. If you should find more, please by all means inform me. So I can warn others to. But please provide me with details of how you feel they may be a scam site, so I can explain it to others and or check myself. Also I test companies before I post them. I belong to a lot that aren't posted, same with our volunteer members.

Why when I click the ads does it say I've already been credited when it's the next day?

A. Sadly some webmasters lock their ads where as most do not (or did not in the past). Frankly this hinders their sites because if I go to click on an ad and I'm not credited I click delete. As so many others to do. This makes their sites slow earners, slow growers and ads seem to run forever because of this time lock. I belong to a few and they are posted upon our pages.

Is there anything else you feel is important for others to know?

A. Yes. You should also check out the "Get Paid To Read Email Guide" located here and of course the "Getting Started Section" located here


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