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USA App Trailers
Appredeem AKA App Trailers. Bonus code 'annikahensen' for extra points when you signup. Check out App Trailers on your iPhone/iPod or iPad where you get instant Gift Card codes when you watch app trailers!
USA Checkout 51 Check Out 51. Earn money for shopping. Must have a mobile device.
USA Disciple's Cross Disciple's Cross. The Disciple's Cross made its debut when Survivor: Thailand contestant, Pastor John Raymond, wore one on air. On his return to the US, he was inundated with requests for these crosses, and he started this business to meet the demand. Start-up kit costs $69.95
USA Earning Station EarningStation. Get paid to take Surveys, get paid to Shop Online, Buy Daily Deals, get paid to Watch Videos, Get paid to search, get paid to Read emails, and Play Games. While we realize this is pretty basic, they are going to grow fast. It's basically Swagbucks! Ages not posted upon their website.
USA Fusioncash Fusion Cash. Get paid to sign up for completely free offers without credit card and still make money. Been paid by this company.
WW Get-paid Get-Paid. Get Paid is a website that pays you for completing offers. Also known as GPT.
WW Homescan AU
Homescan Canada
USA Homescan NCPanel
Homescan UK
Homescan CH
Homescan CN
Homescan Hong Kong
Homescan AKA NCP. You scan your purchases for points which are converted into things, also does Surveys. Been paid many times by this company.
USA Ibotta Ibotta. Earn money for shopping. Must have a mobile device. Been paid many times by this company.
USA UK Inbox Dollars
Inbox Pounds UK
Inbox Dollars. Get paid to Sign Up, Read E-Mail, Refer Others, Join Survey Sites, Play Games, Complete Offers, and More! We have been paid.
USA Inspired OpinionsInspired Opinions. Ages 18 and over and up to join to complete paying Surveys, Mock juries and more. We have been paid by this survey company.
CA USA OpinionsquareOpinion Square. Age 16 and up to join to complete paying Surveys and Product Testing for cash and other prizes. Paid in points for prizes as well as a chance to win a huge amount. I do not download their software, and I don't suggest anyone else does. Been paid many times by this company.
USA PanelAppPanel App. Complete surveys with your mobile device. IOS and Android. Pays via Amazon or Visa Gift Card. Been paid by this panel.
WW Permission Research All other locations Permission Research. Members are entered into a sweepstakes for their time. You DO NOT need to download the software in order to take part. Been paid many times by this company.
UK SE NO FI RU AU ZA DE PL NL NZ Prime Scratch UK All other locations Prime Scratch. Start with $5 free and the chance to win $200,000. 1 in 3 scratch cards win! UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Australia, South Africa and NZ.
UK SE NO FI AU ZA DE PL NL NZ Prime Slots All other locations Prime Slots. No Deposit Casino. Join now and Get $5 Free with the chance to win 200,000. Spin and Win Now!
USA UK CA AU IN Perk TV PerkTV. Use this code to get a 50 point jump 3926c96c. You can run this on 5 tablets at a time and earn $5 per day and more some earn $25 with the scratch off! Amazon, Paypal and more choices for payout. Been paid many times by this company.
WW Rewards1 Rewards1. Earn points that convert into PayPal cash.
USA UK CA IN IE AU DE FR NZ ES PT Swagbucks Swagbucks. Points converted into things. Surveys, Paid to read emails, Get paid to search, Cashback Shopping, Paid mobile video apps, paid video viewing on your computer and so much more! Best of all a $5 sign up bonus! Been paid too!
USA You Data You Data Now Sponster. Pays via PayPal. You watch ads and are paid.
USA You post often through their blog, and redeem through the app on their Facebook. Surveys, and more. Pays by Amazon Gift Certificates. We have been paid.
WW Sponsored Tweets AKA Izea. Earn for allowing them to post ads between your everyday postings on twitter. Paid By PayPal. Been paid many times by this company.
USA Feature Points. Ipad and Android a lot like appnana. You download apps and earn points, points are converted into cash via PayPal. Code: K2S4H5
USA Shop Kick. Paid to do a ton of things with your Ipad, Ipod touch, Iphone, and Android.
USA CA UK Grabpoints use to be Zoombucks. A lot like Swagbucks. enter FPUORVO for bonus!
USA CA Mom Ambassadors. Moms Meet AKA MomAmbassadors is for moms to try new products at parties. Provide feedback to the company, and try new products all the time. They also have a blogger panel where you Test Products and review them on your blog. We have been paid by this survey company.
USA Research. Ages not mentioned to take part in their Focus Groups, Jury/Legal Research, and so much more located in Montgomery, AL. AKA All ages welcome.
USA App Optix. AppOptix is Android only at this time. Ages 18 and older to take part in their market research panel. Online market research community that has paid us.
USA Reward Rack. They are still trying to get themselves up and going. Points will be converted.
USA Send Earnings. Ages 18 and up. All kinds of things, Get paid to search, get paid to complete Surveys, get paid to Read Emails, Paid to Sign Up and so much more. Been paid many times by this company.
USA Up Direct. Ages and payment not mentioned to take part in Focus Groups, Mock Jury located in Chicago, IL.
WW Text 121. Paid to chat.
USA Viggle. Paid to watch TV. Must have Iphone or Ipod Touch.
WW Freelancer AKA Getafreelancer. You bid on projects you can do. Like web design, logo design, PHP, the list is endless.
USA InstaGC. Tons of things you can do to earn gift cards. Be paid to search, be paid to watch videos, and more.
USA Market Research. Focus Groups, Mock Trial and more with no mention of age, and or payment. May be only St. Louis, MO.
USA My Lot. Pay you every time you use myLot! PayPal.
USA England Focus Group. Focus Groups, Mystery Shopping, Mock Juries, with no mention of age. We also realize the importance of your time and offer incentives (generally $75-$150) for your time and effort.
USA & Polling Inc. Focus Groups, mock trials, and/or our online panel (Internet surveys). Maybe only New Mexico.
USA SBKC. Paid to forward email and snail mail of certain types. Pat and I are paid monthly, points are converted into gift cards of your choice. Be sure to mention AMY LYNN as your refer please. They pay for junk mail. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2018
WW Spidermetrix. There is a walk through for this site on the message boards. It's strange but easy to earn. Been paid by this panel.
USA Ages and payment not mentioned to take part in their Focus Groups and Mock Jurys. Mostly LA, USA but they do all over America.
UK USA Ages 18 and up. Surveys, Paid to write/review and more!
USA Winster. You play games for prizes, its free but you can upgrade to earn faster. Been paid many times by this company.
WW Surveys, Mystery Shopping and more for cash payments. Been Paid. Ages 18 and up.
WW AKA Sverve. Paid to write / Blog / Paid to Tweet. Some are $40 for a review! Check it out and start earning today! We have been paid via PayPal.
USA Screen wise trends Now Cross Media Panel. Must be 13 and older, use Chrome and have a Gmail account. Been paid. They sometimes send Surveys.
USA Research. Ages and payment not mentioned to take part in their Mock Jury Trials, Focus Groups. May only be IN, USA.

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