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If you are looking for income as a webmaster go here:

Please note Assembly Jobs, AKA Artisan Jobs may require up front payment for materials, and do not guarantee payment for your time.
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UK Email these addresses to get paid to chat. Stream Texting - email:
Evoke Chat - email:
Jet Text - email:
NOGoats - email:
USA American Consolidated Enterprises, Inc. Assembly Jobs, also known as Artisan jobs require you to work at home creating things. $8.00 per bear with no maximum earning limit. The company supplies all the materials you need to make "Buddy Bear" an easy to make 12 inches high teddy bear. The company will provide you with easy to follow instructions and a pattern. There are no limits on the number of bears you can make! You can either sew them by hand or machine. There is a one time refundable fee of $35.00. (Not available in FL or MD)
USA UK Qmee. Pays via Paypal immediately on request. Instant payments are rare. Paid to do searches and surveys. And so much more.
WW Cash Crate. Get paid to complete offers, paid to search and so much more.
USA Brand Buddee. Spam your friends, and earn rewards. And I do mean SPAM. I had to unfriend three people over their massive amounts of spam.
USA Cash for Your Crafts. Assembly Jobs, also known as Artisan jobs require you to work at home creating things. All kinds of things here, bookmarks, keychains, greeting cards and more. The start up kit cost is $20.00, the registration is $12.00 and the shipping and handling is $7.95 that totals to be a one-time fee of $39.95.
USA Craft Works Inc. Assembly Jobs, also known as Artisan jobs require you to work at home creating things. $70.00 per unit of 10 dinosaurs.
USA Media Predict. You have to jump through a lot of hoops joining this site.
FR Prizee. Get paid to play games.
USA Radio Loyalty. Get rewarded for listening to music. Iphone, Ipod touch, smart phone Ipad.
USA Shutterstock. It's free to contribute and you'll earn $0.25 to $28.00 per image download.
USA 123RF. Refer customers get 15% of the purchase or subscription. Refer Photographers get 10% of the price of each of their photo downloaded.  COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2018
USA App Trailers. Watch Trailers of Hot Apps and earn Reward Points.
USA MPlus Rewards. Get points for using apps. Payment via Paypal, and other choices.
WW Bing Rewards / Microsoft Rewards. Get paid to search, get paid to do trivia and more. Been paid by this company.
USA Brander App. You earn for doing offers via social media networks.
USA Crestock. Sell photo's /graphics. They give you 20% commission on pictures with costs between $5 to $15. Your bonus goes up to 30% once you hit your initial 100 deals.
USA Flyer Starter. Sell photo's /graphics.
USA Checkpoints. Earn money with your cell phone checking in locations around the USA. PayPal is a choice to be paid by.
USA Click n Work. Paid to help people with problems. But you have to past the tests to do so.
USA Adfun. Adfun is a new way to win amazing prizes. A revolutionized way you and your friends to watch ads and win some of the trendy and popular prizes for FREE!
WW Guru. Good for freelancers to post their profile on.
WW I Freelance. They do charge you to upgrade. It's why I cancelled my account. But some one here may find this useful. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2018
USA Research Dallas. Mock Jury, Focus Groups and more. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research.
WW Pogo. Points converted into things. You play games to earn points.
WW Project 4 hire. All kinds of freelance work.
UK Shop and Scan. Earn by shopping.
USA Shop along. Mystery Shopping sort of and more. Must have a mobile device. Been paid. Join Shopalong, a mobile community, and download the app and get paid for completing fun and rewarding assignments related to your shopping plans.
USA Bounts. Get paid to work out. Mobile only.
USA NZ AU MA ES BE PA NI MX CO AR FR IT CR International Living. Will pay for postcards.
USA AppLike. With AppLike, you?re able to find the hottest apps and games without searching through the Play Store. We provide you the opportunity to discover the best mobile apps AND earn real rewards & gifts!
USA AdMe Lockscreen Rewards. Adme is the longest running lockscreen rewards app to hit Android. We show you trending news, deals and coupons and transform your phone into sliding and (easily dismissable) digital billboard each time you wake up your phone. Use your phone normally and earn rewards!
Sweatcoin. Get paid to work out. "Basically pays you to move and exercise, and it costs nothing to use." - Men's Journal.
USA Healthy Wage. Get paid to work out. Win Big, Real Cash Prizes for Weight Loss.
USA Step Bet. Get paid to work out. Place your bet and win! Mobile app.
USA Rabbit. Do tasks like going to the store for someone, to doing returns.

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