Amy Lynn's Deliverance

Ever seen "The exorcism of Emily Rose"? Well because I'm not Catholic and never have been, we don't call it an exorcism, we call it deliverance.

You may not believe this, and that's ok because I totally admit I didn't believe in this type of thing either until it happened to me. I have to start with some background in order for you to fully understand. Please know I am very ashamed of my past, yet I am sharing this for a reason.

All my life I have witnessed my mother manipulate men all for the mighty dollar. After all it's hard to pay bills with 4 kids and only 1 working parent. I never thought anything of her doing this. But little did I know, I was learning from her example, just as my sister was as well. The power and control to get men to buy you anything, use them, abuse them and then let them go when they out used their purpose. It was a game and it was fun or at least that's where it started.

Growing up abused I never really noticed till I got my own life how much of a control freak I was. Abused kids tend to grow up controlling everything out of fear of being abused again. Control being a natural defense and some what a power kick. Never getting hurt because everything and everyone was controlled, even those that one knows wasn't controlled I had twisted the outcome to be exactly what I wanted or expected. It's a hard life let me tell you that. And there is very little room for fun.

I never knew I had an issue with control I mean I knew everything in my life was nicely controlled but not that it was something wrong. Not until one day I went to a prayer meeting with my aunt and cousin. We sat around in a circle. And I was right next to a pastor, whom I never met in my life. We bowed our heads and began praying for anything and everything we could think of. Then the pastor turned to me and told me things only *I* knew. This freaked me out a bit and I wanted to run to the door. I could feel fighting within me. And the pastor put his hands on my back and he and the group began to pray for me. I felt something within begin to move. My stomach was doing flips, my head was spinning and there was a lump in my throat. He prayed harder and then I spoke about something being stuck in my throat. He put his hands on my throat and prayed hard. I thought for sure I was going to puke. But when I opened my mouth, nothing came out but what I felt was the lump.

It would be many months before I came to understand exactly what had happened. But it was instant I felt the results and everyone around me noticed them as well.

I instantly felt weak and a shamed. I didn't understand why I felt this way till later. When slowly but surly things were brought before my eyes. I no longer had my shield of control. I new emotions like a child to deal with. Things that never came through my shield before and I had no idea how to deal with it. And words can not express how this felt.

I had learned after reading a book that I had been delivered from a spirit called "Jezebel." Named after Queen of Israel Jezebel married to King Ahab. See this link for more info on just how horrible she is. (please keep in mind most of this is a persons opinion added in.) What I read was solely based on the Bible.

Typically, such spirits gain their influence through pre-conversion sin. They are tenacious, and they must be exposed and expelled. The Christian can thus be "demonized" (Greek) "have a spirit") but not "possessed." Possession connotes a totality of ownership and control incompatible with the eternal ownership of a soul by God.

So as you can see, though I was saved, I was still demonized. I was doing what I didn't know was wrong. I am still learning even now though I was delivered in 2004 all the things Jezebel has ruined in my life. I am still learning new things. And fighting control issues to this day as I never again want to be in control again, I am learning Godly control (in the work place). The whole idea makes me sick and my stomach hurts even now typing this, just as it will when rereading it how horrible and how blind we all can be.

Signs of a person filled with the demon:
Because I was delivered from Jezebel I am able to spot the demon easier in others. She attacks me through people by trying to dominate and control me just as I did others. I have had to rebuke her attacks countless times. And sadly she has manifested herself in many family members. She has been a demon that was past down from my grandmother, to my mother, to my sister, my brother, my cousin and of course me. She ruins lives, marriages, friendships, families, and even causes people to abuse others and even their children. Deliverance is the only way to permanently get rid of Jezebel but deliverance alone isn't all. You have to close the doors to the behavior that promotes the sin. Jezebel thinks controlling others IE family members and friends, is how you are meant to live, and that is wrong. No one is meant to control any human, we are no more their God than we are the God's of animals. Jezebel will yell when she doesn't get her way, thinking of course yelling she can gain control of the person or event. Be it an argument or a person simply asking to talk. She will blind the person to what she is doing in a manor that by the time she's done, you have turned countless family members, and friends against you and what few you have end up having Jezebel or her counter part Ahab who is submissive to the control. Jezebel manifests herself as bipolar, twisting things people say and assuming but claiming others do it. Jezebel refuses to show respect to anyone, including the person they are married to. Jezebel will block memories of the child abuse she caused her children, blinding the person to think they can give out marriage advice and or parenting advice, thus keeping Jezebel spreading to others. Thankfully though, this day and age, a person can quickly be discredited with child abuse records filed against them. So should a book, or article be published stating advice the law can quickly be involved and Jezebel can be stopped at least in that area.
Thankfully my cousin who has also been delivered from Jezebel, with the help of God, was able to help guide my healing of events caused by Jezebel. It's been a long process and it appears to be never ending, but with God's grace, blessing and timing, all will be as it should be. I'm not perfect even now, but as Christians we are to strive to be Christ like, and Jezebel will try to put you down any chance she can get, by calling you perfect when you start your life a new. Do not let her attacks discourage you, being rid of her is a blessing, though as first you feel lost, and confused, and life seems even harder than it was before. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and my life is so much better since she's been removed.

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