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All Survey companies listed on this page are targeted at one or more of the following countries: Arabia, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, China, East Timor, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Africa, Kirbati, North & South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Laos Malaysia, Marshall Islands Micronesia, Mongolia, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Portugal, The Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tonga, India, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uzbekistan, Russia, Costa Rica, Czech Republik, Turkey, Mexico, Israel, South America, Vanuatu & Vietnam.
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AIP Signapore
AIP Malaysia
AIP China
AIP Taiwan
AIP Thailand
AIP Hong Kong
AIP Korea
AIP. Surveys for ages 16, and up.
American Consumer OpinionACOP American Consumer Opinion. Paid every time your account reaches $10.00 via Tango card or PayPal.
Brand InstituteBrand Institute. They pay by PayPal.
e-research-globale-Research-Global. Doesn't say it will pay for the Surveys. But who knows. Ages 16, and over.
GiveUsYour2Cents ZA
Give us Your 2 Cents China
Give us Your 2 Cents Brazil
Give us Your 2 Cents. You must be at least 13 years of age to join and up to join to complete Surveys for cash and other prizes.
EncuestanosEncuestanos. Hispanic Survey panel.
GTM. Global Test MarketGTM Global Test Market. Paid Surveys $50 in less than a month.
HCDsurveysHCD Surveys. Surveys for points converted.
HivingHiving. Ages 18 and up. Surveys, and Product Testing. Payment via PayPal, Other and Points Converted.
Homescan Hong Kong Homescan. Points are converted into whatever you wish to order from their catalog. Ages 18, and up. World wide.
I-Say All other locations I-Say AKA Ipsos Access Panel. World wide Teens are welcome and up to join to complete paying Surveys for cash and other prizes.
Livra All Other locations
Livra MX
Livra AR
Livra BR
Livra CR
Livra PR
Livra. Founded in 1999 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and is the leading Online Market Research company in Latin America. Livra is an online community of consumers where you can write and read reviews, complete online surveys and interact with friends and people who share your same interests. Every time you complete a survey you get the chance to win prizes (like digital cameras, iPods, trips and other prizes).
Mobile Expressions All other LocationsMobile Xpressions. Ages 18, and over and up to join to complete paying Surveys for cash and other prizes using your mobile phone.
My Survey Japan
My Survey Russia
My Survey Thailand
My Survey Korea
My Survey China
My Survey Hong Kong
My Survey Singapore
My Survey Malaysia
My Survey Asia Pacific
MySurvey, NFO, TNS. Paid over $80 in a year. They paychecks, products, and coupons. They do email, snail mail, and Product Testing. You get to test products too! Ages 14, and up. Payments for your opinions doing Surveys are in the forms of sweepstakes, cash, points converted, and merchandise.
Opinion SquareOpinion Square. Paid Surveys in points for prizes as well as a chance to win a huge amount. World wide.
Permission Research All other locations Permission Research. Members are now entered into sweepstakes. You DO NOT need to download the software in order to take part.
Points 2 Shop Points 2 Shop. Complete offers, surveys, paid emails and more for payment. Be sure to mark your profile to CASH other wise it's set to points. Go to account then Site Preferences.
Pure Profile All Other LocationsPure Profile. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys for cash. World wide. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016 www.amylynn.org/home
SaySoForGood Other Locations Say So For Good. You aren't paid directly for your time, but a charity is.
Toluna All Other Locations Toluna. Formally known as your2cents, and testandvote. Ages 16, and up. Surveys for a chance to win, and out right cash offers for Surveys. Surveys and Product Testing.
Valued Opinions - Russian
Valued Optinions - CZ
Valued Opinions. Ages 16, and up. Survey panel that pay by cash. AKA researchnow-usa.com
Your Voice Panel SGP
Your Voice all other locations
Your Voice. Teens 14 years. Points for joining, referrals, Surveys taken, redeem points for catalogue items, gift vouchers, movie vouchers, or donate them to charity. 20 points = approximately $5 - also have quarterly drawings for bigger ticket items cash, car, trip.
http://elab.vanderbilt.edu/panel/index.cfm?RID=7015Elab. Surveys for a chance to win.
http://paidviewpoint.com/?r=3pty78Paid Viewpoint. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys for cash payment. Paid by PayPal.
http://qsample.micropanel.comQSample. I've noticed I never get any Survey emails from this company. But logging in I've discovered there are 4!
http://www.datatelligence.netDataelligence. Ages 18, and up. World wide residents for paying Surveys. Points converted into Amazon gift certificates. This Survey company also has products to test.
http://www.esearch.com/Esearch. Drawings for cash & prizes. Sometimes every panelist are paid. I've been paid.
http://www.executiveadvisoryboard.com Executive Advisory Board. World wide paid for every online Survey you complete (ranging from a minimum of $10 to $300 USD or more, depending on the length of the online survey. Also, just for being a member, your name would be entered each month in a drawing for $250 in cash prizes.
http://www.eyeanopinion.com/?r=1080&ref=referEye an Opinion. Ages 18 and older.
http://www.focusworldint.com/respondent.htmFocus World International. Claim they pay but doesn't say how much. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016 www.amylynn.org/home
http://www.marketprofiles.net Market Profiles. World wide. Surveys for PayPal payments.
https://www.mysoapbox.com/survey/html.pro?ID=4&ks_cid=1&ks_src=10&locale=1&refer=C_507541My Soap Box. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys for cash payment and other prizes.
http://www.onlinesurveybureau.com/Online Survey Bureau. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys for cash payments.
http://www.opinionbar.comOpinion Bar. Surveys and Product Testing for PayPal. Ages 14, and up.
http://www.projectpaydayresearch.com/ Project Payday Research. This company is known to delete your earnings if you don't redeem in a year. Ages 13 and up. Payment in the forms of Amazon Gift Card, Payoneer, and Other.
http://www.resonanceresearch.net/cgi-bin/surveyinvite/signup.pl?panel=1Resonance Research. incentive for each Survey you complete you will either receive a cash reward or be entered into a sweepstakes draw for cash.
http://www.socraticforum.com/Socratic Forum. Surveys for a chance to win, and cash converted into Amazon vouchers. World wide.
http://www.spidermetrix.com/smx120.php?refspider=AnnikaHensenSpider Metrix. Paid in points which earn you things. you have to log into the site though they don't usually email. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016 www.amylynn.org/home
http://www.springvaleonline.co.zaSpringvale Online Panel. Africa. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016 www.amylynn.org/home
http://www.surveyeveryone.com/?ref=36023&lang=en Survey Everyone. $1 just for signing up and filling in your profile! Payment via PayPal.
http://www.surveysavvy.com/?m=385002Survey Savvy. Been paid over $25 in 6 months. Tip on message boards about this site.
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