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USA Crowdtap Crowdtap. Not just Surveys, but posting in message boards. Paid by Amazon gift cards or you can donate to charity. Creative writing skills a must. Best to be age 27 with kids. You must have at least 25 FB friends, most likely they will make it 50 over time. We have been paid by this survey company.
WW Sponsored Tweets AKA Izea. Earn for allowing them to post ads between your everyday postings on Twitter. Paid By PayPal. They offer sponsored posts, targeted tweets, and more. Been paid many times by this company. Get paid to tweet ads.
WW alaTest. They do not offer any products to be tested themselves. They leave all testing up to worldwide experts representing credible sources to perform product tests. You would simply write and submit a review for a product that you have tested.
WW Digital Journal. A lot like Yahoo use to be, you get a portion of ads, so the more you write the more you earn.
WW Experts Column. Pays by check or PayPal or Moneybookers. Minimum of $5.00.
USA Paid to write blogs, post on social media websites.
USA CA Mom's Meet. Become a Mom Ambassador and you can get products to test with your moms. Blog reviews to promote what they do. We have been paid by this survey company.
USA My Voice Viacom. A private community for Viacom Media Network's best viewers. Ages under 55. Paid by Amazon gift cards for your postings. Been paid by this panel.
WW Pay Per Post. For freelancers. This is another one that seems to be extremely popular. The requirements for this one look a bit more strict, in that there are more requirements than others. Your blog needs to be submitted for approval. It also needs to be at least 90 days old (which is verified by an index from a third party). If your blog is over 90 days old, you need to have at least 20 entries in the past 90 days and your blog cannot have a 30 day gap of no entries. You do need to let your readers know that the blog entry is sponsored either via a disclosure policy or on every blog entry. The minimum age requirement is 18, otherwise you need written consent by a parent.
USA CA Smiley 360. You get to be among the first people to learn about new brands, and products. We'll give you brand spanking new products, and services to try out. Share your experience with your family, and friends. Then, let us know about those interactions. Your honest opinion helps the companies improve their products. You have zero obligations, and no pressure. We have been paid by this survey company.
WW Studios They pay freelance writers $50 for articles accepted, and up to $160 for tutorials.
WW Academic Word. Paid to write anything including reviews.
WW Blogvertise. One obvious requirement is that you must have a blog setup with written content. Adult related blogs are not allowed. The administrator will assign you the tasks to write about, which you have five days to complete. Three links to the website needs to be included in your entry. It isn't necessary to endorse the advertiser's products or services, just mention them in your blog. This means, you can mention how it relates to your life, give a review, compliment and/or make a complaint. There is a minimum requirement of at least 2-3 paragraphs of about 75 words or more. This entry needs to be permanent in your blog. One nice thing for people with newer blogs that may have hardly any content (besides being possibly rejected) may be put on probation at a reduced payout rate. Payments are made via PayPal after 30 days of task approval. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2018
BzzAgent. Products you get to keep once you review them. Ages 18 and up.
USA CraigsList. You can either choose the city you live in from the list, or you can select one of the major cities in your country. U.S. cities list that pops up on the right hand side once you actually go into a city's page. Check both the jobs section and gigs section for the city and see if anything fits your skills. Freelance writers look in writing developers look in web / info design? etc. Read the posts and follow the instructions for applying. If there are none, send an email with a cover letter and resume to the address next to Reply to this post at the top. If you hear back, you can proceed like you would a regular job interview.
WW Constant Content. Paid to write articles, and earn off page views as well as the article price. Pays via PayPal.
WW Epinions. Get paid to write, online by sharing your opinion, and reviews.
USA Eldr. Want to write movie reviews for Sign up, and see a movie on us! Fill out an entry form ELDR Movie Reviews. We're looking for talented movie buffs who'd like to review films both new ones and classics for We'll even send you free movie tickets or a DVD! And don't worry, we will never share your contact info with anyone. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2018
USA Examiner. Local area paid to write.
UK Expedict. Paid to write and type.
WW Freelancer AKA Getafreelancer. You bid on projects you can do. Like web design, paid to write, logo design, PHP, the list is endless.
USA Latina Bloggers Connect. Paid to write jobs.
USA The Modern Mom Insider Program. Ages 18 and up. Products to test and review, and write about in your blog as well. We have been paid by this survey company.
Moms Affiliate AKA Socialix. Paid to post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Youtube accounts.
WW Amazon Mturk Program. Paid to write. (Complete tasks that people do better than computers.). COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2018
WW The Word. Brand Ambassador Programs Social Media Campaigns, Sponsored Posts, Twitter Parties, and Reviews and Giveaways.
USA Pinch Me. You get freebies and leave reviews. Once a month, use to be every Tuesday. Just a warning you have to put up with a lot of spam emails now. They are hurting for funds.
WW Paid in points which earn you things. You post reviews in the fun section. Ages 16 and up. Been paid by this panel.
USA Mom. I'm impressed with the layout of this site. Finally FAQ!
USA Sign up to be a host, get products, review.
UK USA Ages 18 and up. Surveys, Paid to write/review and more! Pays via PayPal.
UK USA CA Words of Worth. Waiting list to write for them.
WW NOW BLOGlovin. You are an influencer, not a brand. Paid to write / Blog / Paid to Tweet. Some are $40 for a review! Check it out and start earning today! We have been paid. Get paid to tweet ads.
USA You can review, tweet, etc for payment. Get paid to tweet ads.
USA Forest. You can make up to $100 per article but it's dedicated to web design.
USA CA https://generationgood.socialmedialink.comGeneration Good. You need to share via social media. They supply you items, you review and do surveys. Be the first to try and discover new products, content and offers from this company. We have been paid by this market research company.
USA Tap Influence. You have to fill out your profile in order to get campaigns. IZEA claims to have taken this company over.
USA CA https://snugglecommunity.socialmedialink.comSnuggle Community. You need to share via social media. They supply you items, you review and do surveys. We have been paid by this market research company.
USA Review Trader. You can filter the products by price, date added, etc. aka 90% of items have a false listing price figure by $10.00 to make it look like you are getting a deal.
WW I Freelance. They do charge you to upgrade. It's why I cancelled my account. But some one here may find this useful.

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