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USA Mom Ambassador Blogger Mom Ambassador Blogger. You get products to review, also if you want a percent of sales for Kiwi Magazine sign ups. Must have a blog, and be a parent to take part.
USA Amazing Deals Group. Pick product, order, do a review, earn more coins.
WW Bea Guide. Freelance paid to write.
USA Be Blogalicious. Apply to be a part of their team.
USA Book Sneeze. As long as you have a blog, you can review books.
WW Paid to write cell phone reviews. The topic has all the details. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017
WW Ezine Articles. Set your own hours by being paid to write.
USA Mom it Forward. They pay you to help out with Twitter parties. They also have blog product test reviews. So in a way it's paid to write.
WW Sponsored Reviews. Paid to write reviews for an advertiser, whether it's a product or service they provide. Each one has their own requirements for the review. It seems that you can say just about anything in your review as long as it is pertinent, but rude or hateful reviews will be declined. There is a requirement of a full disclosure that the review is sponsored and not just a regular blog entry (for example: 'Sponsored Review'.) Reviews need to be permanent and archived on your blog. When accepting to write a review, you have three days to complete it. Payments are made every two weeks by PayPal.
WW Text 121. Paid to chat.
WW TPE Writers Network. If you’re a writer or editor with a Masters Degree then you might find that working for us is exciting and convenient.
WW Vivid Life. Unknown payment, you have to contact them to find out. Many write for this place, I seem them all over Twitter.
USA Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador. Free items for blog reviews. You can do videos instead if you wish.
WW Academia Research. Academia-Research is a freelance writing service company that is dedicated to professional research and writing. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017
USA Buy Keyword Articles. They pay by PayPal. 300-400 words = $3.50/article 400-500 words = $4.50/article 500-600 words = $5.50/article. Reflect our SEO articles which are general in nature and are centered around one keyword phrase. These are the main types of articles that we provide. Also provide landing page content and other more prestigious types of content. These rates completely depend on what the client needs and is quoted to the writer on a case by case basis.
USA BLoggy Moms. Sponsored blog postings. Site is painfully slow.
WW Demand Studios. Paid to write, all types of writers.
USA Double Duty Divas. There is a lot going on here, don't feel overwhemled just jump in! Connecting you with brands to get products to review.
WW Genuine Jobs. Work at home by being paid to write. Loads of jobs listed here.
Kraft Taste Makers. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Post for chances to win.
WW Manuscript Services. Pays by PayPal, or bank transfer.
USA Parties. Just like HouseParty only for moms. Review products.
USA MomSelect. Share free samples with friends, host in home parties or review the newest products for moms.
WW My App aware. NOT TESTED - Will pay you $1 by PayPal for reviewing apps. If you do this please let us know.
UK Netmums. You review videos to be entered into drawings.
WW Squidoo. Paid to write, just like Hubpages. Articles written are called lens. You can earn money based on the performance of your lens, just like AC. Paid by PayPal. Another advantage of Squidoo is that you can custom set your minimum payout. You can even donate the amount you earned to charity if you like.
USA Network Niche. Connect your social media accounts and blog to earn. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017
USA Tomoson. WARNING - This company seems to think they can list items that you have to pay a small amount to get and review. That's partly scammy. You do not have to pay for items to review, not even $1! So why this company treats their members this way is beyond me. DO NOT PAY, you are worth more!
WW Upwork use to be ODesk. For freelancers.
USA Vapor Beauty. Blogger Inquiries. Are you interested in reviewing Vapour on your blog or YouTube channel? If so contact them!
WW Writer Lance. Freelancer writing jobs, you bid on them, but the rates are really horribly low. Depends how desperate you are for money, and how good you are at writing.
WW Wordfirm. Wordfirm Inc. sometimes seeks skilled publication professionals—including writers, copyeditors, proofreaders, and graphic designers—to work for us as independent contractors.
USA YEC. EC IS LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD (Volunteer) WRITERS AND EDITORS? Hello and Welcome! (aka YEC) is a non-profit blog website where our writers post reviews, news, articles, blogs, and more on entertainment including television. NOT PAID!
Social Moms. Surveys, writing reviews, and responding to questions for Amazon vouchers. They now offer sweepstakes for sharing on social media.
USA CA https://kycommunity.socialmedialink.comKY Community. You need to share via social media. They supply you items, you review and do surveys. Be the first to try and discover new products, content and offers from this company.
USA Circle. Ages 18 and up.
USA https://www.hear-watch-say.comHear Watch Say. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys and post in their forum. Mobile app too.
USA You might need to have a Twitter account to be picked to receive things. Ages 18 and up. Product Testing and Surveys. Paid to write in the respects you write reviews or scripts for your Youtube review. You may also need a blog to write the requested reviews.

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