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USA Bellwether Surveys Bellwether. Earn rewards for participating in product Surveys. Beta Testing.
WW Brand Institute BI - Brand Institute Panel Members. Paid Product Testing, Surveys, and Focus Groups. Product Testing.
AU Cloud Research
Cloud Research. Cloud Research brings you paid, prize and product tester campaigns directly to your inbox at no cost to you!
USA Consumer Village Gongos Research - Consumer Village. Leading corporations come to Gongos to listen to what you have to say about products/services available today, and to find out what you think about ideas they have for the future. This is an excellent site with a wide range of activities! Beta Testing.
WW E-research-global e-Research-Global - Online Surveys. You will have the opportunity to take online, and off-line Surveys, participate in Focus Groups, and test new products. When you are selected, and participate in a study, you will receive cash sent to you using PayPal. If you live in the USA, you also have the option of receiving a check. Ages 13, and older. Product Testing.
WW Engage In Depth Engage In Depth. (While we are based in the Washington, DC area, we recruit for projects on a local, national, and international scale.) Medical, and consumer panel, and more to come.
USA Epoll USA E-Poll. Surveys that earn 100 points just for signing up. Ages 13 and older. Product Testings and Surveys.
USA FocusfwdonlineFocus Forward. If you choose to accept the invitation to participate, you will be compensated cash for your time, and for sharing your views.
HivingHiving. Ages 18 and up. Surveys, and Product Testing. Payment via PayPal, Other and Points Converted.
USA Inspired OpinionsInspired Opinions. Ages 18, and over, and up to join to complete paying Surveys. USA only.
WW Ipsos USA
Ipsos Canada
All other locations
I-Say AKA Ipsos Access Panel. Teens are welcome and up to join to complete paying Surveys for cash and other prizes.
AU iZatsoiZatso. Surveys and Product Testing. Ages 18 and over.
USA CA MindfieldMindfield. Each Survey earns you cash. Anywhere from 3 - 10 or more Surveys a week. Ages 18, and up. Pays by PayPal, Amazon Gift Certificates, or check.
WW My Survey, NFO USA
My Survey Canada
MySurvey Canada French
My Survey AU
MySurvey UK
My Survey Sweden
My Survey Ireland
My Survey Japan
My Survey Thailand
My Survey Korea
My Survey China
My Survey Hong Kong
My Survey Singapore
My Survey Malaysia
My Survey Russia
My Survey Asia Pacific
My Survey Switzerland
My Survey EU
My Survey France
MySurvey Spain
MySurvey Netherlands
MySurvey Italy
My Survey Austria
MySurvey - Consumer Panel. This is a group of consumers from all over the United States who influence future products, and services by volunteering to participate in consumer research through Surveys, and Product Testing, Beta Testing.
USAPK ResearchP & K Research Corporation. Currently, we have headquarters in Chicago, IL; Plano, TX; Santa Ana, CA; and White Plains, NY USA. Most tests are conducted on site at one of these locations, but we also have in-home and online studies available through out the USA. You may register for one or all of them! Ages 18 and up.
USA CA UK ES FR DE Opinion Outpost USA
Opinion Outpost CA
Opinion Outpost Hispanic
Outpost UK
Outpost France
Outpost Germany
Opinion Outpost Spain
Opinion Outpost - Survey Research Panel. Sharing your opinion has never been so rewarding. At Opinion Outpost, you can make a difference, and earn extra cash. Ages 18, and older. Surveys and Product Testing.
WW Opinion Square Opinion Square. Surveys paid in points that convert into PayPal, Amazon and prizes as well as a chance to win a huge amount.
UK Panelbase Panel base. As a registered member, you can earn rewards for participating in research studies in a variety of ways. Product Testing.
WW Permission Research all other locations Permission Research. Members are entered into a sweepstakes for their time. You DO NOT need to download the software in order to take part.
USA Resolution Research Resolution Research. Though Annika's doesn't support Clearvoice (which this is a branch of), many of us have been paid by them. They are also on the Survey Blacklist because they delete your earnings if you don't redeem in a years time. Ages 13 and up. Payment by Amazon Gift Card, Payoneer, Other.
UK CA USA Survey Spot USA
Surveyspot All Locations
SurveySpot. Ages 18 and up. do Surveys and be put in a drawing for prizes as well as paid Surveys.
CA USA Talk Now Canada
Talk Now USA
Talk Now. Complete Surveys, Focus Groups, and Product Testing for cash and other prizes. Though Annika's doesn't support Clearvoice (which this is a branch of), many of us have been paid by them. They are also on the Survey Blacklist because they delete your earnings if you don't redeem in a years time. Ages 13 and up. Payments are Amazon Gift Card, Payoneer, and Other.
WW Toluna USA
Toluna Mexico
Toluna UK
Toluna DK
Toluna FI
Toluna NO
Toluna AU
Toluna All Other Locations
Test, and Vote. Test&Vote is an interactive, modern site where your opinion is bought, and paid for. If you want to take part in Surveys on specific subjects, you can also sign up for their Special Panels (cars, health, travel, etc.), which give points that you can convert into vouchers or lottery tickets. Product Testing.
USA TroneOpinions Trone. Ages 13 and over. They will either compensate you or enter you in a sweepstakes. Surveys and Product Testing.
WW Valued Opinions - USA
Valued Opinions - UK
Valued Opinions Meinungsstudie - Germany
Valued Opinions - NZ
Valued Opinions - NZ
Valued Opinions - UK
Valued Opinions - France
Valued Opinions - PL
Valued Opinions - Ireland
Valued Opinions - Russian
Valued Optinions - CZ
Valued Opinions - Spain
Valued Opinions - Italy
Valued Opinions. Ages 16, and up. Survey panel that pay by cash. AKA researchnow-usa.com
USA ZoomPanel Zoom Panel. Get rewarded for your opinions. Take Surveys, earn points, get rewards. Get 50 points just for signing up. World wide Product Testing.
USA http://bobevans.com/bemail/default.aspx BE-MAIL - The Bob Evans Community. As a member you'll receive: The latest news on Bob Evans Restaurant menu items, and promotions, easy home meal ideas, and delicious recipes, news about fun family events at the Bob Evans Farm in Rio Grande, OH., and an opportunity to provide feedback on test products through an on-line consumer survey. USA only Beta Testing. Annika's 1999 - 2015 www.amylynn.org/home
USA http://smiley360.com/?refid=14676 Smile. You get to be among the first people to learn about new brands, and products. We'll give you brand spanking new products, and services to try out. Share your experience with your family, and friends. Then, let us know about those interactions. Your honest opinion helps the companies improve their products. You have zero obligations, and no pressure. We really want to know what you think.
WW http://webeffective.keynote.com/join/public/register.asp Keynote Systems, Inc. Keynote software-as-a-service, and downloadable software products are all available for evaluation. Simply select what you are interested in, and a Keynote representative will contact you promptly to establish a convenient trial account. In some cases you'll be able to download the product to your desktop immediately. World wide technology Product Testing.
UK USA DE JP IT FR CA http://www.amylynn.org/home/pinecone Pinecone Research. Pinecone Research Survey panel payment vary from $3 to $5 per Survey all depending upon country, plus a sweepstakes entry. Their sign up links change all the time, and it's why some members earn more then others. It all depends upon when you joined as to what they pay you.
USA http://www.consumerproductdynamics.comConsumer Product Dynamics. Ages 18 and up. Surveys, Product Testing, Focus Groups. Referred by Amy Lynn. New panelists must live in the Chicagoland/Southwest Suburban area and be able to travel to our Orland Park facility.
USA CA http://www.contracttesting.com/ Contract Testing Inc. - Consumer Panelist. They specialize in sensory evaluations where you are asked to give opinions about the taste, texture, smell, appearance, etc. of various products. Test it for cash.
USA http://www.expotv.com/raf/uid-181157ExpoTV Tryology Product Testing. Need a cell phone or flip phone.
USA http://www.homeschool.com/ProductTester/ Homeschool - Product Tester. Home schoolers receive free products. Homeschooled kids get to know that their opinion counts. Parents like it that the kids have to write up the reviews., and educational companies get feedback on their products. Beta Testing.
WW http://www.mambaby.com MAM Club. Behind every MAM creation is a perfect network of medical, and technological expertise. Internationally renowned scientists, medical practitioners, midwives, and developmental psychologists. MAM products include pacifiers, breastfeeding, drinking, feeding, oral care, and teethers. Exclusive promotions, contests, and a pregnancy calendar. World wide Product Testing.
WW http://www.marketreaderpro.com/ Market Research Consumer Panel - Market Reader Pro. They conduct paid online Surveys for major household product companies who would like to get your opinions. If you enjoy sharing your opinions on the latest cosmetics, fine fragrances, soaps, shampoos, health, and beauty, and other household products this is the membership for you. World wide Product Testing.
USAhttp://www.modernmom.com/insiders/?rid=864766b6-62d2-11e3-a37a-bc764e0546c6Modern Mom Insider Program. Ages 18, and up USA. Product Testing, and Surveys.
WW http://www.musicresearch.com/ MusicLovers - Music Research Consultants. As a MusicLovers member, you'll be able to participate in our on-line Surveys. You may also qualify to receive our free music samplers, and give your opinions in a pre-scheduled telephone interview, in MRC's off-line, Record Test Surveys. World wide Product Testing.
USA CA http://us.myopinionnow.com/Join/Refer/23824 My Opinion Now. USA, and Canada only. Surveys, and Product Testing. Points are converted into check payment.
USA http://www.ormanguidance.com/ Orman Guidance Research, Inc. If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, they may have exciting market research opportunities that are right for you! Minneapolis/St. Paul. Minnesota area only.
USA http://community.panelpolls.com/registration.php?rc=MjE5
PanelPolls.com. Youth Surveys for kids 6-17. Kids, tweens, young adults, and parents. Yes though their is various websites, they all share the same database, you can only join one. Choose wisely. Focus Groups, Surveys and Product Testing.
WW http://www.puresha.com/Puresha - beautynistas. We thought the best way to inform you about our products was for us to create a panel of Puresha beautynistas who we send products to trial, and in return they write us reviews, and opinions about the products. If you would like to join the beautynistas, please email us, jo@puresha.com or sara@puresha.com, stating why you think you could give a review that would educate, inform, and inspire the other Puresha customers. World wide Product Testing.
USA CA http://www.questionmoms.com/users/register?referrer_id=e189e75d848ab4b5 Question Moms. Paid to answer surveys, test products, do focus groups, and review products on your blog.
USA http://www.shespeaks.com/home SheSpeaks. You'll receive relevant products, services, or content to test, and keep absolutely free. Make sure you include as much honest information about yourself as you can, since your answers will help us match you with products, services, or content to test. USA only Beta Testing.
USA CA http://www.signature-research.net/ Signature Research. Respondents are individuals who are invited to participate in a market research study. Once a respondent has registered with them, they are entered into their database, and will be called every 6 months to participate in a research study.
WW http://www.songpeople.com/cms/live/2025068/default.asp?languageid=64&bhcp=1 SongPeople - Listen/Influence/Win. Discover some of the most exciting new music on the planet. Sink a band or make them huge, your opinions make a difference. Get rewarded with incredible prizes. Product Testing.
USA http://www.tmgresearch.com/ The Matrix Group. These projects often involve testing products, participating in group discussions, and media, and advertising concept testing. Participants in their group, and individual sessions are compensated for their time. The incentive varies by project. Beta Testing.
WW http://www.surveysavvy.com/?m=385002Surveysavvy. Surveys for a chance to win as well as Surveys and Product Testing for cash. Ages 14 and up.
USA https://signup.watchlab.com/Account/Register?ReferralID=1120 Watchlab. Surveys, Focus Groups, and Product Testing with great staff.
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