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USAMust email: testers@polyformproducts.comSculpey Polyform Product Test Panel. No age limits to complete Surveys and Product Testing.
USA Baker Street Solutions. By sharing your views as a member of the BSS panel you can earn money for participating in their product studies. USA only Beta Testing. Pays by Amazon gift certificates.
USA Evaluation Group. Participate in a Survey, Focus Groups, Interview, or Product Usability Studies. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research.
CA Consumer Research Centre. Participate in Focus Groups, Product Testing and one-on-one interviews that pay a cash honorarium, and be invited to complete quick, and fun online Surveys. When you get to their landing page, simply click on "home" to register. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research.
WW Donow Research. Get paid cash for your opinion. From physicians to opinion leaders, senior executives to IT professionals, children, and teens to senior citizens. Product Testing, Surveys and Focus Groups. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017
USA! If you are a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, and tend to be available during the day to come to a test (could spend an hour at our offices in Alviso, CA USA between 9 AM and 6 PM), you might be eligible to participate in a usability test at TiVo! We usually pay participants $50 and up per session (depending on the length and the nature of the session). TIVO users only. Ages 18 and up.
WW What users Do. Product-Test websites and be paid by PayPal or Cheque. Appears to be world wide but based in the UK.
USA AIM - Assistance In Marketing. Participate in future market research studies. Focus Groups, Surveys and Product Testing in USA only. Ages not mentioned to partake in their research.
USA Atkins Research Group. ARG is looking for thoughtful, articulate people who like to share their opinions in Focus Groups, and individual interviews, and get paid for doing so. Topics include views on product, and political advertisements, computer, and video game software, social issues, and product improvement. USA only Beta Testing. Ages 18 and up.
Clicks Research. There's no catch to take part in their market research Surveys and Product-Testing, no torturous form filling in, just the chance to enjoy free products in exchange for your valued, and considered opinion. 18, and older.
NJ Consumer Product Testing Company. Panelists are required to visit their facility. Earn between $35 to $200 per study. Call their recruiting department at (973) 808-CASH for further information in the northern New Jersey area.
WW Research Inc Consumer Research Panel. Different panel then the previous ones already listed. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys and Product Testing for cash and other prizes. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017
USA ElMonterey - Let's Fiesta. With your permission they may contact you regarding Product Testing, research, and to send periodic eNewslettters containing timesaving recipes, new product information, and more. Beta Testing.
USA Sports. Ages 18 and up. Lures to Product-Test. Should be an active user of Fishing products.
USA Juice. Click Email sign up at the top, then click YES. You may have to have your popup blocker off to fill in the form to be a part of their market research studies.
USA http://www.joinbiometrixinc.comBiometrixinc. All ages welcome, however at this time it's only for San Francisco, CA. Surveys, and Product Testing.
USA Consumer Village. Cincinnati/St. Bernard area, just off I-75 between I-74, and the Norwood Lateral (SR-562). Ages 18, and up.
USA Maximum Research, Inc. It is through the participation of individuals like yourself, that the information they collect can be used by their customers to tailor their products, and services to consumers, and professionals like yourself.
AU Micromex Group - Market Research. Contact them for promotions, Product-Testing research, and Surveys.
CA Metroline Research Group, Inc. You can participate in two ways: Focus Groups - They conduct Focus Groups on a regular basis in most major urban centres in English Canada. Typically Focus Groups will last 2 hours, and you'll receive $50. Internet Panel - complete Surveys over the Internet. Depending on the length or complexity of the Survey you complete, you will be entered into prize draws or receive individual rewards. Most of the Surveys and Product Testing right now are for residents of Waterloo Region, the Greater Toronto area, and Southern Ontario, but our panel is growing and changing all the time. Ages 18 and up.
WW Microsoft - Playtest. Come to Microsoft, play games, give your opinion, and they will give you free software. Whether you play once a year or every day, whether you're 6 years old or 60, they want feedback from you! Take a few minutes to tell them what you like to play, and they will match you to upcoming studies. Product Testing.
AU Opinions Paid. Australian community online, where you can be rewarded for having your say on topical issues, and products. Ages 16 and up.
WW OsMoz - A new look at perfume. Contests, and chances to win bottles of perfume. Take part in Surveys and Product Testing in order to contribute to conceiving tomorrow's classic scents. Tell us what you think by participating in Surveys or consumer groups about fragrance, and win lots of prizes! Take fragrance Quizzes to see how much you know, and to earn experience points. Ages 18 and up.
USA Horizon Research, International - Platinum Panel. This is a special research panel that pays you to give your opinion. This is not a sales pitch, and it costs you absolutely nothing to join. There is the potential to earn between $10, and $100 every time you participate in a project. Projects include discussion groups, taste tests, Internet Surveys, and a number of other interesting research opportunities. Ages 18 and up.
BAR - Brooks Adams Research. Ages 18 and up to take part in Focus Groups, Surveys, and Product Testing.
SE DE AU CH UK Online. Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and several other locations. Product Testing, Surveys, and more. No ages mentioned.
AU Soup. Product Testing, and Surveys. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research.
USA Ages 18, and up to complete Surveys and Product Testing for cash, and other prizes.
WW uTest - Software testing. For each reported bug, you earn grading points, and recommendations. The higher your grade, the higher your bug rates are, which means you will get more money per bug. Improve your testing skills by exposure to various testing assignments, and become a better tester. World wide technology Product Testing.
FR UK Product Testing and Surveys. Ages 18 and over.
WW Quotas GMBH. In most studies you will receive a certain amount of letters over a specific time period, in some studies the participants also send test letters. Your task is to confirm the receipt of each test letter (and possibly the posting dates of test letters) at their website. Depending on the kind of Survey you will get a present or a gift voucher for major stores in your country (depending on the country, in some countries vouchers are also valid for Online shops). World wide Product Testing.
USA Bose. Powered by Centercode - Product Testing and Surveys. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research studies.
USA Blue Beam Beta Community. Another branch of Centercode that does Product Testing, Focus Groups and Surveys. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research.
DE AT Bruel & Kjaer Beta Testing Community. Another branch of Centercode. Product Testing, Focus Groups and Surveys. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research.
USA DataColor. Another branch of Centercode. Product Testing, Focus Groups and Surveys. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research.
USA Beta Program. Powered by Centercode. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research.
USA Final Draft. Another branch of Centercode. Product Testing, Focus Groups and Surveys. Ages not mentioned.
USA https://honeywell.centercode.comHoneywell. Surveys and Product Testing powered by Centercode.
USA Surveys and Product Testing powered by Centercode. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research.
USA Brought to you by Centercode. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research.
USA https://lighthouse.centercode.comLighthouse. Ages 18 and older. Beta tester community via Centercode.
USA Mobile Iron. Another branch of Centercode. Product Testing, Focus Groups and Surveys. Ages not mentioned.
USA Nike - Product Testing. All age groups accepted to do Product Testing for Nike.
USA CA Solutions. You need to share via social media. They supply you items, you review and do Surveys. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research studies. Be the first to try and discover new products, content and offers from this company.
NETGEAR - Beta Testing Community. This community is open to all NETGEAR customers who want to help beta test their products. By joining the NETGEAR community you will be invited to apply to NETGEAR beta programs as they become available. USA only Beta Testing.
USA Bullseye Insiders. They mostly want men for this Product Testing and Survey panel. Ages 18 and up.
WW https://www.fragranceadvisoryboard.comFragrance Advisory Board Panel. Once you have registered and qualified, you can take part in Surveys on all kinds of topics covering fragrance, home care, personal care and new products, to name a few. Product Testing as well as Surveys. Ages 18 and up.
DE AT Ages 18 and up. You apply to test products and provide feedback. Surveys and Product Testing.
WW Microsoft - User Research. When you participate in a Microsoft User Research study either Product Testing, or Surveys, you become part of their product, and services development process. In helping them understand your needs, you'll help shape the future of technology.
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