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UK Consumer Opinion. All ages are welcome to complete Surveys and Product Testing.
USA ViewpointforumViewpoint Forum. Ages 18, and up. Surveys, and Product Tests.
USA To join our panel, submit an email to or contact us directly at 843 416-2134. Linescale. Everyone who completes the interview, and enters their email. You are automatically entered into a $100 drawing for respondents. Linescale notifies all winners by email, and only if you are a winner will we ask you for your name, and mailing address to send you a $100 postal money order prize. So be sure to look for the Linescale award email. Ages 18, and up.
USA MD Product Testing. Ages 18, and up. You must post as a CHANCE of becoming a Product Testing for them.
USA Deep Creek. Items for you to test, blog and review.
USA Claire Velvet Rope Club. Product Testing. Ages 18, and up.
USA Total Access Panel. Focus Groups, Product Testing, and Surveys and more. Ages 21 and up. Tobacco and e-cigarette usage.
USA For Beta Testers. Product Testing. There appears to be no restrictions, country or age. Also no payment other then the software.
USA http://www.advancedopinions.comAdvanced Opinions AKA Great Opinions. Focus Groups, Product Testing and Surveys.
NL Product Testing, and Surveys.
UK & Baby Awards Product Testing. Click on "Interested?".
USA A-List Magazine. Ages 17 and up to join to complete Surveys for cash or other great prizes. Product Testing, and Surveys.
UK IE EU USA http://www.e-rewards.comE-rewards. Product Testing and Surveys. Answer Surveys for additional points on the respective program as well as respond to match your interests. You have to be accepted, and approved in order to start doing Surveys. See the forum for how to join.
USA Reader Test Panel. Ages 18, and older.
SE Panel. All ages welcome. Email to join to be a tester.
USA MX http://www.latinoeyes.comLatino Eyes. Hispanics only. Pay by check. USA, and Mexico. They send profiler Surveys, if your answers change, they threaten a lawsuit. Ages 18, and up.
USA Metro New York City area for kids.
USA 4 Teachers. Ages 18, and up. Test out Mead products, and tell them what you think. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016
WW Central. Mom Testing, and Survey Panel. Ages 18, and up. World wide Product Testing.
AU Research. SYDNEY , BRISBANE & WOLLONGONG AREAS ONLY. Focus Groups, and Product Testing. $50, and $90.
USA Centers. Focus Groups, Surveys, and Product Testing. I believe it's mostly in Ohio. All ages.
WW Paid Game Player Surveys. This company is known to delete your earnings if you don't redeem in a year. Ages 13 and up.
WW Planet Opinions. This company is known to delete your earnings if you don't redeem in a year. Ages 13 and up.
UK USA IN Engage. Ages not mentioned. Pays via Points Converted, Other and PayPal.
WW Project Payday Research. This company is known to delete your earnings if you don't redeem in a year. Ages 13 and up.
AU Market Research. Ages 16, and up. Focus Groups, Surveys, Product Tests. Cash for your thoughts.
USA & M Research Services, Inc. USA Dallas, and Chicago. Focus Groups, Surveys, and taste tests. Ages 18, and up.
NL CSO. Product Testing.
USA New Parent Team of Mom's. Ages 18, and up. Focus Groups, Product Tests, and Surveys. AKA
FR TesterdesProduits. Age limits vary for certain products.
USA Dieringer Research Group - DRG. Surveys, Mail Surveys, Product Testing, Telephone Surveys, and Focus Groups.
USA Lemon. You need to email them to become a product-tester.
Try New Perfumes. World wide Product Testing. Ages 18, and older.
UK Taster. Product Testing. Ages 18, and up.
DE CHAS Germany, Austria, Switzerland. No age limits. Product Testing, and Surveys. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016
CH Ages 16, and up. Focus Groups, Surveys, Product Testing, mail Surveys, and mystery shopping. Cash for your time.
CA$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/fpdc10831 Government of Alberta - Consumer Product Testing Centre. Taste panelists sample foods, and give opinions. All participants receive an honorarium, starting at $15 depending on how much time the test will take, and the type of product that is evaluated. 18, and older. Province of Alberta Residents ONLY.
WW Connect. No mention of payment, but you get their software free. Sign up, download, report bugs.
USA GoPro. Another branch of Centercode. Product testing. Ages not mentioned.
USA TiVo Field Trials. Another branch of Centercode. Product testing.
EU RU Respondi Panel. Ages 16 and up to join to complete Surveys for cash and other prizes.
USA's Choice Panel Test. Paula's Choice Product-Testing Panel. Ages 18, and up. USA only.
USA UK CA Beta Portal. U Focus Groups, Surveys, and technology Product Testing.
NL Netherlands. Ages 12, and up welcome. Product Tester offered as well from this sign up. Points converted.
USA Survey. Ages 18 and up.
USA Shop Eat Drink Panel. Possible Product Testing, and of course there are Surveys. Ages 18 and older. Brought to you by Toluna.
ZA's Health reader panel. Ages 18 and up.
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