Christ is our CEO

Our International Team of Volunteers have many duties besides those listed here, as Annika's is constantly expanding, and updating daily. An example is how three of us maintain the Facebook Fan Page. It's sometimes difficult to tell who is doing the postings, but we aren't talking to ourselves honest LOL.

Jane aka Pip

Jane is the brains and the beauty behind the awesome Pip's Tips in the newsletter, and also site manager of Annika's. Jane maintains the AU/NZ part of the site along with many suggestions about other things.

In Jane's own words...
"I'm an Aussie girl who has always spent waaay too much time on the internet. although two daughters has changed that! I met my husband on the internet and we've been married 6 years. I take Surveys and I also write for profit both online, and offline.
I've known Amy for over ten years even though we lost touch for a while. I am constantly astounded by how intelligent Amy is with online business. She is always honest and direct and I love that about her. I think we bring very different things to Annika's but we always keep our friendship -- even when we agree to disagree! I'm honoured to be part of Annika's staff."

Pat aka Celticmaiden

Pat writes Celticmaiden's corner. She's also Annika's Consultant, and Assistant Manager. Pat is an awesome addition to Annika's because she thinks out of the box. She has come up with many of the companies listed on the Free Start Here Page, and the Discounts pages.  Pat also has been a major part in research and development of the mobile surveys section of Annika's Market Research database listing. Without her, even (I, Amy Lynn) wouldn't be saving as much as I am!
In Pat's own words...

"I have been a member and Consultant at Annika’s for a number of years, since about 2004. We have always bounced feedback off each other to determine if a program is up to our standards. If WE won’t use it, we won’t tell you or ask you to.
I love helping people save and earn money. One of my biggest concerns has always been on line safety. You always have to protect yourself, your family and your computer.
Amy Lynn and I have developed a wonderful working relationship which turned into a close friendship. I would honestly be lost without Amy Lynn and Annika’s."

More awesomeness that is Pat can be found here:

Amy Lynn aka Annika

The creator, web designer, researcher, and owner of Annika's. Amy tells it like it is, honest and true. Though not everyone agrees with the information provided on Annika's, it can not be argued as it is Amy's experience that has provided the material. Amy's testimony is located here: and a brief history of Annika's is located here:

Awards for Amy's work in writing: Top 1000 of 2007Top 1000 of 2008Top 1000 of 2009Top 1000 of 2010Top 1000 of 2012Top 1000 of 2013July, August, September, October, November, December 2012 Awards given to several of Amy's Pen name accounts. She also won several rewards from for reviews.

Other social media networks:
 kred 1000 | klout 76

Thank You!!!

Credit for the title logo/header goes to Sølvi Hindøy. I've been wanting it for YEARS, and you've done even better then I wanted. I simply adore it, as does Jane by the way lol. I smile every time I see it. (Daily!) Thank you so much.

Credit, and many big thank you's goes to Scott Holder, for creating the newsletter sign up page. Annika's wouldn't have one if it wasn't for you, so we ALL owe you big thanks. THANKS!!

Credit, and thanks goes to for the newsletter sign button goes to Tony V. It's EXACTLY what I wanted, You rock!! Also the redesign, I adore it every day!

Credit and thanks for the Captchas goes to Pi, on Annika's, and Amy Lynn's Voice Overs.

Hendrik a.k.a. Bones, BIG Thank you so much for that little program that helped create so very many of the pictures through out my life, and websites.

LynJ, Mary C, Denise, Gail, Terrie, Morgan, Neil, Euleta, Kim M, and other's I am sorry I can't recall the name of right now, thank you for your help in expanding Annika's through-out the years.

Nefertiti for your help on the Ethnic page.

Thank you to our fans, readers, visitors, and members. Each and everyone of you helped improve the site even possibly without knowing.

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