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Getting Started on Annika's with Paid to Read Emails, also known as PTR.

Doing PTR you need to be a very dedicated individual, the reason is, you will need to click emails daily, and sometimes as soon as they come in, because they expire.  You will also need to be patient because the timer on the ads can be very annoying. Some Paid to Read sites do allow you to open up more then one at a time, but most do not. If you aren't dedicated or can't be, then PTR's really aren't for you, but before you walk away I do have some sites I can suggest to the person who can't allocate the demands of PTR sites. These type of PTR's are the easiest, and most secure ones I've come across. They are as follows:

MyPoints, DealsNCash, SendEarnings.

Some of this may be repeats for those of you who read the first page, but in case someone hasn't I figured all the information is better than part of it.  COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017

One important thing you need to know about PTR is, PTR is one of those things you can read all you want, you won't understand till you join. Paid to Read is something you can do to earn some extra money while not leaving your computer. A PTR website you join pays you to receive their emails, you click on a link and stay on that site for a certain amount of time, to give you a chance to see what the webmaster or advertiser is offering. A timer will count down and once it's finished your account will be credited either points or cash. Some websites exchange points for cash, some exchange them for ads. You must read each websites main page for information on how they work. Never assume even if it's the same webmaster from another site you belong to.

You also will need an email account besides your main one you use to like signup for Annika's with. You can get a free email account at such places as, and to name a few. It's important that you don't mix your personal emails with your Survey or Paid to Read emails. This way you shouldn't have to worry about spam and or false closing of your email accounts.

Before you sign up for anything other than an email address, if you are using something that prevents spam that the person sending email has to click.. remove it. Those are called "Auto Responders". You can not sign up for anything if you have an auto responder set up on your email account. Even if it's a vacation responder.

One of the most helpful things is Roboform. Roboform is a form filling tool that allows you to store passwords and any other form filling information you may need. This is an absolute must if you fill in lots of online forms such as subscription page. This is free to download but we highly recommend paying for the upgrade. This is by far the single best use of our money so far.

You will also need a program in which you can get payment in. Paid to Read emails it's mostly PayPal. Please note, I said mostly. There are other payment processors as well.

PTR questions and answers is a good place to start along with the PTR Tips page.  COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017

Once you have read those, you will want to start joining a few.  PTR sites that have paid and other PTR sites our volunteer members belongs to.

After signing up for a Paid to Read site, you should begin to receive Paid to Read emails. The top and bottom sponsors do not pay unless the webmaster says so, so they go by ignored. Look through the email for the words "paid ad" that is where you will want to click to receive payment. Not every paid to read website uses top and bottom sponsors though so the ad could appear right away.

If you aren't getting emails from the Paid to Read website you joined, be sure to check your junk/spam box. Also log into the website you joined and set up your account by going to user info. Right under your email address should be the setting of where or how you'd like to get your emails, either at the site inbox, or your email box. I have joined a few random PTR websites that the webmasters weren't sending emails due to lack of funds. I of course had to cancel those accounts.

The message board, bulletin board, news groups or forum. There are many words for this but it's basically a place to post messages of all kinds. Please be sure to do a search before asking something that may already be answered, this is to save you and the volunteer members time and embarrassment. Due to lack of time and abuse, the forum no longer allows sign ups.

I also feel its important for you to read the Protection page.

The only way to really learn is to sign up, you can read all you want and need, but you can't understand till you take the leap and try.

When visiting our links, sometimes website locations change. If you come across a link and it doesn't load, (dead link) either remove the www or add a www at the start as part of the web address in the URL bar. If it still doesn't load, please report that to us using our contact page. So we can update with the correct link. Thank you.

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