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"I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain,"Move from here to there" and it will move." - Matthew 17:20

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Payments for Surveys, Focus Groups, and Product Testing.

UK http://falkirk.us1Citizens Panel. They send Surveys 3 or 4 times a year. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2014 www.amylynn.org/homeSurvey payment not mentioned.
WW http://iocs.org/panel.cfmIOCS Participant Survey Panel. Ages 18 and up. Payment is cash, sweepstakes, and prizes. Sweepstakes / Cash
USA http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/surveysmart/SurveySmart. Ages 18 and up. Smartphone users, Ipad, Ipod touch. Coupons / Other
WW http://kairosconsumers.com/KAIROS Consumers Panel. Ages 18 and up. PayPal / Cash
USA http://netpanel.gmi-mr.com/portals/gpms_cp/5005812/join.aspAMR Research. IT Surveys.Payment Not Mentioned.
USA http://v2.decipherinc.com/mdp?web-1&sp-fcFamily Circle Magazine Reader Survey Panel. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys for cash and other prizes. Sweepstakes
UK http://www.b2bmedical.co.uk/B2B Medical Panel. For Medical Professionals. Surveys that 10 reward points = 1Pound. Ages 18 an up.Points Converted
FR http://www.cint.com/Registration/Guid=A482B53C-8260-4881-801F-DC3275BE1124Le Panel Sondage-Avenue. Ages 16 an up.Cash / PayPal/ Sweepstakes
SA http://www.cint.com/registration/Guid=0e310ac5-a568-4fad-a176-dc72d87c7e80MP3KY.Net. Ages 16 an up.Cash / PayPal/ Sweepstakes
NL http://www.cint.com/registration/Guid=f81e9cf1-3991-485b-a79f-3225e3d6a612PIP. Make a difference in health care. Ages 16 an up. Cash / PayPal/ Sweepstakes
WW http://www.focusworldint.com/respondent.htmFocus World International. Ages 18 and up. Claim they pay but doesn't say how much.Cash
UK http://www.foodforfriendscommunity.com/Food For Friends. Ages 18 and up. Brought to you by Toluna.Sweepstakes
WW http://www.imreportcardresearch.com/ IM Report Card Research. Though Annika's doesn't support Clearvoice (which this is a branch of), many of us have been paid by them. They are also on the Survey Blacklist because they delete your earnings if you don't redeem in a years time. Ages 13 and up. Amazon Gift Card / Payoneer / Other
TW ZA JP PH HK TH MA CN AR BZ IN ID SG http://www.ipanelonline.com Ipanel Online. UNTESTED. Going out on a limb posting this. Their horrible English is no reason to say they are a bad company.Other
UK http://www.justtheanswer.co.uk/Just The Answer. No age limit to do paying Surveys. Points Converted
USA http://www.letstalkjewels.com/join-now?src=APR14Lets Talk Jewels. Surveys and Focus Groups. Brought to you by Toluna. Sweepstakes
WW http://www.marketreaderpro.com/Market Reader Pro. Surveys for a chance to win. Ages 16 and up. LOADS of different panels to join, take your time.Sweepstakes
UK http://www.myonlinepanel.co.uk/My Online Panel. 200 My Points equal one pound. Ages 16 and up to join to complete Surveys for cash and other prizes.Points Converted / Sweepstakes
USA http://www.mysandboxcommunity.com/homeMy Sandbox Community. Brought to you by Toluna, other than that no information.Sweepstakes
WW http://www.mysurveycenter.comMy Survey Center. Ages 18 and over and up to join to complete Surveys for cash and other prizes. http://www.goglobal.com/Sweepstakes
UK http://www.myvoice.co.uk/My Voice. Surveys paid in points for vouchers. Surveys for points converted for things. Ages 16 and up. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2014 www.amylynn.org/homePoints Converted
USA http://www.npolls.com/
NPolls. This is an app you download to do Surveys for NPolls.Amazon
WW http://www.opinionbar.com
Opinion Bar. Surveys that pay cash. Ages 14 and up. Surveys you can also do on your smart phone, ipod touch, ipad.Cash / PayPal / Direct Deposit / Prouducts
DE UK USA CA JP IT FR http://www.pineconeresearch.com/
Pinecone Research. Paid Surveys. No Age restrictions.Sweepstakes / Cash / Merchandise
WW http://www.resonanceresearch.net/cgi-bin/surveyinvite/signup.pl?panel=1Resonance Research. Ages 18 and older.Sweepstakes / Cash /PayPal
WW http://www.songpeople.com/Song People. Ages 16 and up to do paying Surveys. Paid to listen to music and give feedback. Sweepstakes / Points Converted
WW http://www.speedback.com/survey/signup1.htmSpeed Back Survey Panel. They pay web panel members for answering Surveys. You can also win prizes through random drawings. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys for cash and other prizes. Sweepstakes
WW http://www.spidermetrix.com/sm120.php3?refspider=AnnikaHensenSpidermetrix. Paid in points which earn you things. You post things in the fun section. There is a walk through in the forum. Ages 16 and up. Points Converted / PayPal
USA http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=wH84bc4I4HVej9w2sYFg%2fB2Z%2biM0ZsCFWpVO47nGcQc%3dResonance Video Game Research Panel. Surveys about games for gamers. Ages 18 and up to do paying Surveys.Other
USA http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=AiVGvl5JC9_2feEUKiCeq9UQ_3d_3dUS Airways Reader Panel. Be sure to sign up at http://www.usairways.com/ to get your miles number. Ages 18 and up.Other
CA USA http://www.synchroresearch.com/Synchro Research.  Surveys that pay and have paid. Ages 18 and up.Paid
CA http://www.t-falpanel.ca/T-Fal Panel. Ages 16 and older. Brought to you by Toluna. Sweepstakes
NZ AU http://www.taylorresearch.com.auTaylor Research Services. Ages 16 and older.  Surveys for a chance to win.Sweepstakes
WW http://www.theworldofcuriosity.com/homeThe World of Curiosity. Ages 18 and up. Brought to you by Toluna.Sweepstakes
WW http://www.trendscan.de/index.phpTrendScan. Ages 18 and up. Paid in points to do Surveys.Points Converted / Amazon Gift Certificates / Other Choices
USA http://www.userworks.com/default.asp?page=participate&sub=signupUserWorks Inc. USA residents only. Product Testing and Focus Groups. Mostly Washington DC Metropolitan Area but they do offer online services. Ages 18 and over.Cash / Products / Check
CA http://www.xpertfocus.com/Xpert Focus. Surveys payment by check. Ages 18 and up to join to complete Surveys for cash.Check
USA http://wwww.zoomerang.com/Survey-WEB2262E4U54W3Silver Stork. Ages 18 and up. Survey panel for mothers. Survey site doesn't mention payment.
USA https://www.cnnglobalnewsview.com/CNN Global News Views. Ages 18 and up. Surveys and possible Product Testing. Donation to charity
PL https://www.forum-idei.pl/Portal/default.aspxForum-idei. Ages 18 and up. Brought to you by Vision Critical.Sweepstakes
USA https://www.my1community.com/My One Community. Ages 18 and up. Brought to you by Vision Critical.Sweepstakes
USA https://www.spectrumdiscoverycenter.com/Spectrum Discovery Center. Paid Focus Groups as well as Surveys. Ages 18 and up to do paying Surveys, and Product Testing.Cash / Sweepstakes / Products
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