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Payments for Surveys, Focus Groups, and Product Testing.

USA http://brain-resource.com/current_research_studies.htmlBrain Resource Center. Clinical Trials. Ages not mentioned.Other
AU http://cloudresearch.com.au/
Cloud Research. Cloud Research brings you paid, prize and product tester campaigns directly to your inbox at no cost to you! Ages not mentioned. Sweepstakes / Products
USA http://concordevaluation.com/join-a-study/Concord Evaluation Group. Participate in a Survey, Focus Groups, Interview, or Product Usability Studies. Ages not mentioned. Other / Amazon Gift Cards
DK http://digiumenterprise.com/answer/?sid=379973&chk=32VF32YWVelkommen til JAGT-panelet. All ages welcome. Sweepstakes
USA http://fieldgoals.us/join-our-panelFieldgoals Reader Panel. Ages 18, and up for Focus Groups, and Surveys. Various forms of payment.Check / Other
USA http://marsresearch.com/Mars Research. Ft. Lauderdale Area, or taste tests in Sunrise, Florida area. Ages 18 and 49. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016 www.amylynn.org/homeProducts
USA http://sonymusic.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_5sy0yENTkn48Lm4Sony Music. Join our panel & get 5 FREE song downloads every time you take a survey! Ages not mentioned. Songs
USA http://trybeta.com/login/index.php?type=testersTryBeta For Beta Testers. Product Testing. There appears to be no restrictions, country or age. Also no payment other then the software. Ages not mentioned.Software
UK http://viewpoint.cityandguilds.com/registerCity and Guilds. Brought to you by Toluna. Ages not mentioned.Other / Sweepstakes
SE http://www.affarsvarlden.se/om_affarsvarlden/lasarpanel/ Affarsvarlden. No ages mentioned to do Surveys.Sweepstakes
USA http://www.aimresearchnetwork.com AIM - Assistance In Marketing. Participate in future market research studies. Ages not mentioned. (Limited locations only). Products / Other
USA http://www.cptclabs.com/ Consumer Product Testing Company. Panelists are required to visit their facility. Earn between $35 to $200 per study. Call their recruiting department at (973) 808-CASH for further information in the northern New Jersey area for Surveys, and Product Tests. Ages not mentioned. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016 www.amylynn.org/home Products / Check
USA http://www.elmonterey.com ElMonterey - Let's Fiesta. With your permission they may contact you regarding Product Testing, research, and to send periodic eNewslettters containing timesaving recipes, new product information and more. Ages not mentioned.Products / Other
UK http://www.hsj.co.uk/news/join-the-hsj-reader-panel/5063693.article?blocktitle=News&contentID=8805 HSJ reader panel. No age limits mentioned. Focus Groups and Surveys. Other
SE http://www.funkaportalen.se/Panel/Funka Panel. No ages mentioned. Email to join to be a tester.Products
USA http://www.kashi.comKashi. AFTER signing up go to "edit profile and settings" tick the 2 boxes at the bottom "Inform me about opportunities to join the Taste Tester Panel." and" Yes, I... want to join Kashi Connect and get exclusive updates on Kashi foods, special offers, samples, and coupons." Ages not mentioned.Samples / Coupons / Other
IN https://www.letsbrew.in/Portal/default.aspx Let's Brew India. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
USA http://www.letsplaylab.com/PlayLab. Metro New York City area for kids.Products/ Software / Other
USA http://www.maximumresearch.com/ Maximum Research, Inc. It is through the participation of individuals like yourself, that the information they collect can be used by their customers to tailor their products and services to consumers and professionals like yourself. Ages not mentioned. Products
USA http://www.meadonline.com/Teachers/Home.aspxMead 4 Teachers. Ages 18 and up. Test out Mead products and tell them what you think.Products
WW http://www.microsoft.com/usability/jump1.htm Microsoft - User Research. When you participate in a Microsoft User Research study, you become part of their product and services development process. In helping them understand your needs, you'll help shape the future of technology. Ages not mentioned. Products
AU http://www.mrgroups.com/Alta Research. SYDNEY , BRISBANE & WOLLONGONG AREAS ONLY. Focus Groups and Product Testing. $50 and $90. Ages not mentioned. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016 www.amylynn.org/homeProducts / Check
USA CA http://www.naturallysavvy.com/ Naturally Savvy - Savvy Samplers. You are welcome to continue to sign up to be considered for future programs. Must be 19 and older. Products
UK https://www.o2trailblazers.co.uk/Portal/default.aspx O2 Trail Blazers. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
USA http://www.puffpastry.com/Puff Pastry and Campbell's Cooks Product Testing. Sign up, and check the second box and then check the Campbell's cooks box on the second page. Ages not mentioned. Products / Other
NL https://www.radartestpanel.nl/Portal/default.aspx Radar Test Panel. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
NL http://www.smaakonderzoek.nlSmaak CSO. Product Testing. Ages not mentioned.Products
UK http://www.thelitmustest.com/The Litmus Test. Product Testing, and Surveys. Ages not mentioned. Products / Other
FR http://www.testerdesproduits.fr/de TesterdesProduits. Age limits vary for certain products.Products
USA http://www.truelemon.com/community.htmlTrue Lemon. You need to email them to become a product-tester. Ages not mentioned. Products
UK http://www.tolunadecisionmakers.com/Toluna Decision Makers. Another branch off Toluna. Ages not mentioned. Other / Sweepstakes
UK http://www.tyrrellspotatochips.co.ukTyrrells Taster. Product Testing. Ages 18 and up.Products
WW http://www.utest.com/
uTest - Software testing. For each reported bug, you earn grading points and recommendations. The higher your grade, the higher your bug rates are, which means you will get more money per bug. Improve your testing skills by exposure to various testing assignments and become a better tester. They also have a mobile app. Ages not mentioned. Products / Software / Other
USA http://www.volpifoods.com/join-the-vip-club/Volpi Foods. Taste test panel. Ages not mentioned. Products
CA http://www1.agric.gov.ab.ca/$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/fpdc10831 Government of Alberta - Consumer Product Testing Centre. Taste panelists sample foods and give opinions. All participants receive an honorarium, starting at $15 depending on how much time the test will take, and the type of product that is evaluated. 18 and older. Province of Alberta Residents ONLY. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016 www.amylynn.org/homeProducts / Check
USA https://connect.microsoft.com/intro/Microsoft Connect. No mention of payment, but you get their software free. Sign up, download, report bugs. Ages not mentioned.Products / Software
USA https://influencers.vogue.com/members VOGUE Influencer Network. Surveys and Product Testing. You must have a Facebook account if you wish to apply/join. Ages 18 and up.Products / Gifts / Other
USA https://jjfriendsandneighbors.com/registration.php?SES=5a2892382bad6103506b9490f380c7a0&frmnd=WelcomeFriends and Neighbors Johnson & Johnson. Surveys about once a month, product testing too. No ages mentioned.Other / Products / Check
USA https://kimberlyclark.communispace.com/Kimberly Clark. Invite only survey panel, not through us. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Amazon Gift Cards
USA https://meredith.communispace.com/Meredith. Invite only survey panel, not through us. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Amazon Gift Cards
USA https://paneltest.paulaschoice.com/Users/Dashboard.aspxPaula's Choice Panel Test. Paula's Choice Product-Testing Panel. Ages 18 and up. Products
USA https://producttesting.nike.com/signin/7055 Nike - Product Testing. Currently they are not accepting Product Testing applications, but we'll keep you updated as to when they do! All ages.Products
UK https://tescohomepanels.comTesco Home Panels. Product Testing. Ages not mentioned. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016 www.amylynn.org/homeProducts
USA https://thoughtleaderspanel.com/Thought Leaders Panel. Ages 18 and up. Sweepstakes / Amazon / Points Converted
CA https://www.beerxchange.ca/PORTAL/default.aspxBeer Xchange. Ages 21 and up. Sweepstakes / Other
USA https://www.beta.netgear.com/signup/
NETGEAR - Beta Testing Community. This community is open to all NETGEAR customers who want to help beta test their products. By joining the NETGEAR community you will be invited to apply to NETGEAR beta programs as they become available. Ages 18 and up.Products
USA DE UK NL FR https://www.opinionrewardsclub.de/
Opinion Rewards. Ages 18 and up and must be a member of Flying Blue. Sweepstakes / Other
USA https://www.topshelfadvisorypanel.com/Portal/default.aspxDrinks Lab. Ages 18 and up. Sweepstakes / Other
USA https://www.vcsuccesslab.com/Portal/default.aspxVC Success Lab. Ages 18 and up. Sweepstakes / Other
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