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Payments for Surveys, Focus Groups, and Product Testing.
BE Digital Trends Digital Trends. Spend 5 min to join the Digitaltrends panel & install their software on your device. You will receive guaranteed $10 e-voucher to spend! If you install on other 2 devices, you will get $10 per device! That is a lot of money to make for such little effort! Ages 18 and over. Voucher / PayPal
CA EVA Ethnic Voice Accord Ethnic Voice Accord. Must be Hispanic to join, 18 years or older to join this online research community. $25 cash out. Cheque / Check
USA Finger on the Pulse Community Finger on the pulse. Surveys brought to you by Toluna. Seeking males ages 18-34. Contacted and confirmed it's USA ONLY. Sweepstakes / Other
UK GFK Media View GFK Media View. Are you a Media Junkie? Give your opinions and you can be our next winner! Ages 16 and up. Sweepstakes / Other
USA Pay It Forward Pay It Forward. Join this new community and get opportunity to participate in discussion forums and quick survey to share your ideas and opinions during the next 4 weeks. Receive guaranteed incentives for your participation. Ages 18-34. Invite only and not by us but by IPSOS. Amazon / Other / Gift Cards
USA Reel Change Panel Reel Change Panel. Share your views on film and entertainment and to get a chance to win a year's subscription to Netflix. Ages 16 and up. CINT panel. Sweepstakes / Other
CA Survey Lion Canada Survey Lion. Ages 16 and up to join to complete Surveys and Focus Groups for cash and other prizes. Other / Check
UK CA USA Survey Spot USA
Surveyspot All Locations
SurveySpot. Ages 18 and up. do Surveys and be put in a drawing for prizes as well as paid Surveys. Points Converted / Other / Sweepstakes / Merchandise
USA The Footwear Lab Community Footwear Lab community. Ages 18-44. Join Footwear Lab community where you can share your thoughts and ideas about shopping for active footwear (e.g., hiking boots, running shoes, performance sandals, etc.), as well as apparel and accessories. Members who join the community are entered into a sweepstakes each time they complete a study!Sweepstakes
WW ThePanelStation All Other Locations The Panel Station. Ages 18 to 65. Join this new and exciting panel from Panel Station and participate in our online surveys regarding new Products & Services. Share your opinions and get rewarded. Sweepstakes / Other
USA UnivoxUnivox. Every 100 points you earn with us equates to $1. Once you earn 2500 points, you'll be eligible for a $25 Amazon gift code. Ages 15 and up accepted.Points Converted / Amazon Gift Cards
WW BuzzSpotters. Mostly kids needed and adults under 30. Horrible font but at least you can earn. Other
USA Clinical Research Trials LLC. Help those who may be in your same shoes and need medical cures. Ages vary per trial. Other
USA BCBSLA Research Panel. Ages 18 and up, must live in Louisiana to take part in market research.Sweepstakes
USA Clean and Fresh Zone. As you know, this is a place where we will be discussing and exchanging ideas on the baby, personal care and household cleaning wipes we use almost every day! Ages 18 and older.Points Converted
USA The Fragrance Families. A place to co-create with world-leading perfumers and help shape the future of fragrance in your favorite products: shampoos, body wash, laundry detergent, and air fresheners. Ages 18 and older to take part in Product Testing and Surveys.Points Converted
NL BE Choozz. Play games, do Surveys and more. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research studies.Other / Sweepstakes
UK Home & Garden Insiders Registration. Be the first to know about reader events and offers. Nothing mentioned pertaining to age limits.Other / Sweepstakes
My Opinions. Teens 16, and up to complete Surveys for cash, and other prizes.Points Converted / Sweepstakes / Other
USA Opinion. You are asked to use a different email address then the one you used for Opinion Outpost until they get their systems sorted as this is a whole other Survey panel. Ages 18 and up. Sweepstakes / Points Exchanged / PayPal / Check / Amazon vouchers
USA Research. SF only, UNTESTED. All ages but they need parent permission for children to take part. Check / Other
USA Zone Community. Ages 18 and up. Weather related content for market research.Points Converted / Other
USA The Medical Panel. Surveys, Focus Groups and more. Must be a medical professional.Points Converted
USA Power Connections. This panel is sponsored by Georgia Power and was created to give customers like you the opportunity to participate in various activities and discussions about Georgia Powers products and services. The feedback that you generate will be used to improve the quality of those products and services and help you get the most out of your utility company. We are glad you are here. Ages 18 and up.Other / Points Converted
USA Ages 18 and over. Must be a medical professional to join their research panel. Points Converted / Sweepstakes
USA Savvy. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research, being tested. Other / Points Converted
IE Shop Talk. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
USA's Voice. Ages 18 and over to take part in market research. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017 Converted
USA Invited by snail mail, not by us. Must have a PIN to join their market research panel. Ages 18 and up.Other / Sweepstakes / Points Converted
USA Bulleye Insiders. Ages 18 and up. Powered by Vision Critical. Join this new and exciting Bullseye Insiders community of shoppers managed by Target and get opportunity to provide your thoughts and opinions on various issues that affect your shopping experience and help shape new products and store experiences at Target. Get a chance to enter into a sweepstakes drawing to win cash prizes and Target Gift Cards of $5000 throughout the year. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017 Sweepstakes
USA Dish. Ages 18 and over. Survey panel brought to you by Toluna.Sweepstakes / Other
USA Dickies Pro Staff. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
USA Ipsos Srs. There are various communities under countless names under this one domain. Invite only and not by us but by IPSOS. Ages 18 and over. Amazon / Other / Gift Cards
UK Voice. Investor Voice is an online community consisting of like-minded people who have an interest in finance and making the most of their money.Other / Sweepstakes
UK YBS. Survey brought to you by VERVE. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
USA My Voice Health Partners. Online Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
USA Old Navy Insiders. Survey community brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
USA Post Headliners. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
USA SCEG Customer Voice. Survey powered by Toluna. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Points Converted / Other
USA Snack Passion. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
USA Spotify Soundwave. Survey community powered by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.Sweepstakes / Other
UK Guardian Crowd. Ages 18 and over to take part in this market research community.Sweepstakes / Other
AU Soundbooth. Ages 18 and over to take part in this market research community.Sweepstakes / Other
USA Under One Roof. Ages 18 and older. The people who bring you HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, DIY Network, Cooking Channel, and Great American Country (GAC) invite you to join a new online lifestyle community where you can voice your opinions, share your thoughts, and exchange ideas with other members who have similar interests in topics related to home, food, travel and more!Sweepstakes / Other
AU Your Channel Special Broadcasting Service. You will be the first to access new shows and such. No ages mentioned. Sweepstakes
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