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Amazon App store Amazon App store. Mobile app store, some cost, some are free. Helpful for those who can't access the Google Play Store.
Cnet Cnet. You may need apps that earn you money that are on this store. Helpful for those who can't access the Google Play Store. Make sure you have virus protection before using unknown sources.
GetJar GetJar. You may need apps that earn you money that are on this store. Helpful for those who can't access the Google Play Store.
Google Chrome Store Google Chrome Store. You may need apps that earn you money that are on this store. Helpful for those who can't access the Google Play Store. Download the extension APK Downloader, using this extension, you can download android apps to your PC and then install them in your mobile device.
FRQC Flash Render Quality FRQC Flash Render Quality. Great way to make flash videos play in low quality via Chrome.
Manage Flitter Manage Flitter. Use this link to try it for free and get 200 extra unfollows every day for Twitter. Inactive Twitter followers makes your account look bad, not to mention eggs. Remove them for to be paid better for Tweets. Marketers are looking for Twitter accounts worth placing ads on. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017
Tab Position Customizer 2 Tab Position Customizer 2. Great way to control where and how tabs appear via Chrome.
Tamper Monkey Tamper Monkey. Adding this to Chrome can allow you to use scripts that can make your computer do just about anything.
SBX Dashboard SBX Dashboard. Adding this script to Tamper Monkey will give you the Swagbucks dashboard. Makes it easier to see what apps you need to run and how much bonus rounds you got.
Bitcoin. Another payment method. We refuse to join as we have been a part of FBI raids against payment companies in the past. Unionpay. Another payment processor. Fax Zero. To send free faxes. Liberty Reserve. Another payment processor. This tool is used for paid to read web sites. Cookie Opt-Out. This opts you out of cookies that shouldn't be on your computer. But doing Surveys and such you get cookies even if you don't want them. Solid Trust Pay. Another payment processor for paid to read web sites. We have not tested. Strong Password Generator. Be safe, not sorry. 1-800-numbers. Need a 1-800 number? This is a place to check out! Cashedge. Can't find any fees on this site to send and recieve money, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. Firefox. Safer and better browser than Internet Explorer. Chrome is another good one too! COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017
Get to a Human. When calling 1-800 numbers or other companies. Skip the automated messages. Google Voice. Free phone number with forwarding, voice mail and texting. Great for when you don't want to give out your real number. I use this daily! Guardster Free Web Proxy. When your IP is blocked use this to get through the Survey or site. Hyper Wallet. Another payment processor for paid to read web sites and surveys. We have not tested.,,id=118986,00.html Free File Home. This is for filing taxes online for free. K7. Receive faxes and voice messages without being at the office! Old Version. Sometimes the newer versions of software you may want to use isn't always better or even free. So look here for anything you may need. Open Office. Free fully functional office suite which you can use to store your Survey links. Popup Stopper. Excellent popup stopper that indeed works. I tested loads. Roboform. A software which helps fill out forms much faster! Simply fill in your information once, and from that point on you can just click a button to auto fill in profile information. Full version allows you to custom fill in forms. Social Fixer. Make your Facebook your own!!! McAfee Site Advisor. This is an excellent tool to see if a website can be trusted. Put in the website link you want to look up. You can even post and read reviews. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2017 Free Text Messages. Incase you need to text/SMS into to a company, (which I've had to do for Surveys, and freebies.) Free Fax Page. Incase you need to fax info to a company, (which I've had to do for Surveys.) Web Survey Pro. Track your earnings from survey sites with ease! XE Money Converter. Incase you need one to see what you are earning or offered. Zashpay. Zashpay is 75 cents to send, free to receive payments. APK Pure. I adore this site. I'm into old versions as they often run better on newer devices. So I'll download from here and use it. This is for Android users. HeyWire. Just like Google Voice, you can get a number and get texts, free. Pinger Text Free. Download to your mobile device (tablets too) and register for a phone number in your area. You can make and receive phone calls and receive sms text messages from these numbers. Easy to get a fresh phone number by logging out and creating a new account. You have a limited number of minutes for each phone number. We have not tested. Perfect Money. Another payment processor for paid to read web sites. Not Tested. Alertpay. Another payment processor for paid to read web sites. Not Tested. Serve. Another payment processor for paid to read web sites. Alipay. Another payment processor. Not Tested. Dwolla. Another payment processor for Surveys and Paid to Read websites. This has not been tested. Do Not Call Registry. Register your phone number to avoid spam calls during sign up. Moneybookers. Another payment processor. Obopay. Hefty fees but it's a payment processor. PayPal. Another payment processor. This is used for Surveys and paid to read web sites. Payza. Another payment processor. Not Tested. Pay Quicker. NOT TESTED. But there is a company we list that does pay via this company. Pop Money. Free to send and receive payments.

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