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Survey companies listed on this page are targeted at one or more of the following countries: All of the EU, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
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[Please be advised that these pages are protected by Copyright. Copying these listings intact, or not, is Copyright Infringement, and against our Terms of Service.] KAIROS Consumers Panel. Ages 18 and up. UK, IE, EU. You are paid by PayPal for your time doing Surveys. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2019 PowerData Group. Teens ages 13 and up to join this CINT Survey panel. World wide market research. Paid Online Survey is a great way to earn by simply participating in Surveys or sharing your views about products and brands. Populuslive. Surveys that pay you for your time by points converted into cheque. UK. We are the online community that allows you to earn pounds in return for your time completing Surveys. As a member you will be financially rewarded for participating in our Surveys and enjoy several other benefits. Populuslive members have received more than 6 million pounds in incentive payouts since 2010.
Super Ankiety. Earn on the Internet. Fill paid Surveys. Benefits only for registered users. Teens ages 13 and above to join this CINT Survey panel. GSK. Clinical Trials. UK. When you participate in a medical trial you will receive a payment to compensate you for your time and any inconvenience. You may also be reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses once you become a member of the volunteer panel. We Need You AKA Quotient Clinical. Clinical trials. Ages vary per project. UK. Through Clinical Trials, people like you have helped us to improve and develop treatments for asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome and many other conditions. Zippy Opinion. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research. Ages not mentioned to take part in market research. USA UK CA AU IN. Enroll & Start Earning Online. Take part in our Paid Surveys to Earn Rewards from Top Brands. GPGP. Clinical Trials. World wide market research. The FREE Online Directory Service for Clinical Trials, Medical, Drug & Research Studies in UK, US, Australia, Canada and Europe. Home Tester Club. Ages 18 and up. World wide market research. Home to thousands of product ratings and reviews. Join the club for access to exclusive Product Tests it's completely free. HSJ reader panel. No age limits mentioned. Focus Groups and Surveys. Reader panel members will be asked to complete occasional online Surveys and will be invited to take part in Focus Groups. In return you will be able to try out new products and services early and help shape the future of HSJ, both in print and online.
Interviste. CINT Market research panel, ages 14 and older. IT. M3 Global Research. Open to general public and health care professionals. You will be paid for every study that you successfully complete. Studies can be conducted online, face-to-face, or over the phone. Open to all medical healthcare professionals and their research ranges quite a bit, from short Surveys to interactive phone calls. However, on average, most studies are about 20-30 minutes. Their goal is to help people in the healthcare industry access the opinions of a variety of healthcare professionals regarding products and services currently or potentially being marketed. These may include new or expanded prescription medications, medical equipment, insurance-related issues or different treatment options for specific diseases, among many others. Medical professionals IE Doctors, Nurses, Physicians, Practitioner, Interns, RX, RN, DR, PHD, LPN, ETC (this includes their clerical staff that work in health care). Move it or Lose it. No age limits. Must be into fitness. Opinion - Assurances. Share your opinions and experiences of insured. France. No age limits mentioned to do Surveys. Opinion Panel Research. You earn credit towards Amazon vouchers. Join 140k students & teens and get paid for your opinion Join today and get 10 worth of vouchers!
PFM Research Teachers Panel. The Swedish school is always a hot topic of debate. Interest in taking part in teachers' opinions and ideas has increased significantly in recent years. For who is better equipped to actually talk about how it is to work at our schools? If you also have use of knowing what Swedish teachers think, you can use our Teacher Panel. CINT Market research panel, ages 13 and older. Planet Opinions. Teens ages 13 and up to complete Surveys, Focus Groups and international Product Testing. This company is known to delete your earnings if you don't redeem in a year. We have been paid by this research company. We are an easy way to earn cash and rewards just by voicing your opinions. Companies need your help to improve their products and services, and in return you get paid for answering their Surveys. Simple as that.
Privataaffarer AKA Private Business Panel. As a member of the Private Business Panel, you have to participate and influence the content we produce and participate in Surveys that help companies to develop new products and services. CINT Market research panel, ages 13 and older. Snap Surveys. Usually the amount is between 50 - $3 per Survey, depending on the length of the questionnaire. No ages mentioned. UK. South Yorkshire Times. By joining the panel and giving your views you can directly contribute to the development of South Yorkshire Times and ensure we produce the best possible newspaper and website based on what you want. UK. Join our reader panel for Surveys. Survey Round Table. Teens ages 13 and up, not tested. World wide market research. Survey Roundtable is an online community created just for you. It's your chance to share your opinion about the products and services you use (or choose to not use) every day. Viewsbank. Surveys and Mystery Shopping. UK. Viewsbank is an online community where you can exchange opinions and stories on topics that matter to you. Yorkshire Building Society. UK. You will be notified in writing when accepted. Payment in the forms of Cash, Cheque, and Direct Deposit. Join our panel In order for YBS to appoint the same solicitor or conveyancer as the applicant as part of processing any mortgage applications, that solicitor/qualified conveyancer must first be registered to our approved solicitor panel. Your Say Pays. Teens ages 13 and up to join to complete Surveys. UK & Ireland. For some Surveys we will pay you or make a donation to a charity you choose (typically with between 0.25 and 2 for each Survey), others will entitle you to entry in a prize draw. CINT Survey panel. Dispatch Reader Panel. UK. No age limits mentioned. As a Panellist, you and other readers will be given a voice to tell us exactly what you think about the content in the newspaper and on the website by answering short questionnaires. Eurosport Voice. Eurosport Voice is a community of sport fans who help us do just that. By providing us with invaluable feedback that goes directly to our editorial and production teams, we can make sure we are doing the best to bring you as close as possible to the action. Tell Eurosport what you think, collect rewards and win prizes! It's that simple. FR. FireStarters Nandos. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up. ES 13 and up UK
Worthy Shout. Teens ages 13 and above to join this CINT Survey panel. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2019 Sondaggi Online Consumer Panel. CINT Survey panel ages 14 and older unless other wise noted. IT. Hinnavaatluse panel. Teens ages 13 and above to join this CINT Survey panel. EE. Profilpanelen. CINT Survey panel ages 13 and older unless other wise noted. SE. Opiniometrie. CINT Survey panel ages 14 and older unless other wise noted. IT. Hearst House Beautiful panel. Ages 18 and up. Do you read a Hearst title? Perhaps you visit one of our websites? Or follow us on social media? Why not give us your views and opinions and get rewarded? Please note they have like 20 different Survey panels, use different email addresses to join all of them. Kjero. Ages 18 and up. As a member of the Kjero community you can regularly test products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Become an ambassador for great brands and help with your feedback. Register now and try for free products. La Communautes Odebo. Ages 18 and up. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. The Sodebo community is a place for exchange between you consumers, our teams and other members of the community. Leden Panel LFNV. Ages 18 and up. Brought to you by Vision Critical. Welcome to the Members Panel of FNV. Here you can participate in Surveys and discussions with the largest employee organization in the Netherlands. At the moment, the Panel has about 15,000 participants. These are both FNV members and non-members. Mister Panel. Ages 18 and up. IT only. Sign up and participate in my questionnaires, so many rewards are waiting for you! Red Clive. The minimum payout amount is 50, so you'll have to earn 50 points before you are paid your reward. This is quite a high threshold compared to other Survey companies who allow you to cash out with a lesser amount, but the payout is higher than most, so it's definitely worth the effort if you have the time to put into it. Red C Live ages 16 and up. Social Pet Circle. Survey panel brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up. DE. Social Pet Circle is an exclusive community where dedicated pet owners like you are invited to share your opinions and experiences as a pet parent. This is an online community about all things to do with pets! User Interviews. Answer questions, get paid. It's that easy. User Interviews is the easiest way to get paid for your feedback on real products. So it's Product Testing of sites, software, apps, etc. Pays via Amazon. X Communications. Product Testing and Surveys. No ages mentioned. We're always on the look out for real people of all ages to test our customers products. Join us in a Focus Group or usability test and get paid for your time and opinions.
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