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UK IE EU Paid Survey Listing Page 3

Survey companies listed on this page are targeted at one or more of the following countries: All of the EU, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City
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http://digiumenterprise.com/answer/?sid=379973&chk=32VF32YWVelkommen til JAGT-panelet. Denmark. All ages welcome.
http://donowresearch.com/Do Now Research. UK, IE, EU all accepted to do Surveys. Paid Surveys.
http://iocs.org/panel.cfmIOCS. Payment is cash, and sweepstakes, and prizes been paid. All of the EU, UK, and Ireland welcome to do Surveys.
http://mumsintheknow.co.uk/mumspanel/2014/08/03/mums-panel/Mums In The Know. Dad's are welcome too though!
http://pl.mediatransfer.com/Media Transfer. Poland. Surveys paid in points that are converted for Amazon vouchers.
http://opinionhealth.co.uk/Opinion Health. Ages 18, and up. Pays by cheque. UK.
http://survey.euro.confirmit.com/wix/p836398088.aspx?id=42350705 Unilever. We have a great opportunity for you to get closer to some of the brands that you love. Whether it's PG Tips, Dove, Lynx, Marmite, Flora, Persil, Ben & Jerry's ... or a whole host of other brands ... we'd love to hear from you! Answer a few fun questions about shopping and we will give you the chance to become part of a brand new customer panel where you can help shape the future of some of Britain's best loved brands, and share your opinions.
http://woundtecpanel.co.uk/join-our-panel/WoundTec Community. Ages 18 and up to join.
http://www.allpoints.bizAll Points. UK, IE, EU all accepted to do Surveys. Several Survey panels listed.
http://www.bonopolis.deBonopolis Online Umfragen. Germany paying Surveys.
http://www.buzzback.com/Buzz Back. Sweepstakes, and some Surveys are right out paid.
http://www.consumerdirections.com/Consumer Directions. Surveys for drawings for prizes. UK, IE, EU all accepted.
http://www.crowdology.co.uk/Crowdology. Ages 16, and up, UK.
http://www.cybersurvey.com/surveys/profile1.htmFairfield Cyber Survey. Video game tester. Each time Survey completed gives you chance in monthly drawings. UK, IE, EU all accepted to do Surveys.
http://www.digitaldocumentspanel.com/Digital Document Panel. France, Germany they pay for every survey. Payment is check.
http://www.e-focusgroups.com/mypanel3.htmle-Focus Groups. Surveys for a chance to win. UK, IE, EU all accepted.
http://www.expressresearch.net/signuphere.htmlExpress Research. No mention of payment for completing Surveys.
Planet Panel Planet Panel. I won $100 from them. They indeed pay, but the Surveys are long. UK, DE, ES, FR.
http://www.internetpoll.comInternet Poll. Paid Surveys. All of the EU, UK, and Ireland welcome to do Surveys.
http://www.livra.com/Livra. Founded in 1999 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and is the leading Online Market Research company in Latin America. Livra is an online community of consumers where you can write and read reviews, complete online surveys and interact with friends and people who share your same interests. Every time you complete a survey you get the chance to win prizes (like digital cameras, iPods, trips and other prizes).
http://www.marketreaderpro.com/encuestas?source=take-surveys-JoinMarket Reader Pro. Spain only. Bath, and body works, and more gift certificates, test products, and more. all for free. You fill out Surveys.
http://www.matrix-r.com/MatriX Research.  UK, IE, EU all accepted to do Surveys. Product Testing, Focus Groups, Surveys, and more.
http://www.medpanel.com/Med Panel. UK, IE, EU all accepted to do Surveys. Surveys that pay by cash.
http://www.microsoftonlinepanel.comMicrosoft Online Research Panel. Membership in the panel is by invitation only. Members of the Microsoft Online Research Panel are part of a community.
http://www.money.co.uk/article/1010351-join-our-opinion-panel-and-win-amazing-prizes.htmmoney.co.uk Opinion Panel. This doesn't look very professional but hey, money is money!
http://www.goglobal.com/ Go Global. Ages 18, and over. Drawings for prizes, and cash.COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016 www.amylynn.org/home
http://www.onlineopinions.co.uk/OnlineOpinions. Ages 16, and up UK. Paid by cheque.
http://www.panel-institut.com/Panel Institut. France only. Paid to read, surveys, cashback and so much more!
http://www.profideal.de/facts24/testerplus.php3?by=Profideal. German Surveys.
http://www.promio.netPromio. German Surveys.
http://www.reading.ac.uk/cidr/joinus/cidr-join.aspxReading University. Ages 18 and up.
http://www.sportinginsights.com/Sporting Insights. UK, IE, EU all accepted to do Surveys. Chance to win prizes if you are into sports.
http://www.testspin.comTest Spin. Surveys that are paid by PayPal. UK, IE, EU all accepted to do Surveys.
http://www.vbbusinesspanel.com/VB Business Panel. Ages 18, and up. Pays in pounds but appears to be UK, IE, EU.
http://www.vista-pets.com/Vista-Pets. Product Testing and Surveys. France and UK only. Ages 18 and over.
http://www.wainhouse.com/webmetrics/userpanel.htmlWainhouse Research. Must have company name. UK, IE, EU all accepted to do Surveys. Payments for your opinions doing Surveys are in the form of sweepstakes.
http://www.westbrom.co.uk/customerpanelWest Brom. Ages 16 and up to complete surveys.
http://www.zapera.com/member/Join/DK.asp?ID=DK48905Zapera. Demark & Finland Surveys for a chance to win.
https://research.salomon.com/ SALOMON RESEARCH. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.
https://rmselfrecruit.research-int.com/Questionnaire/qstIntroductionPrivate.aspxThe Royal Mail Postal Survey. Ages 16, and up. UK. https://rmbus.research-int.com/
https://share.maxi-cosi.co.uk/ Maxi Cosi. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.
https://survey1.hi-epanel.comHI-epanel. Payments for your opinions doing Surveys are in the forms of sweepstakes, and points converted.
https://www.blikopfris.nl/Portal/default.aspx Blik Op Fris. Survey brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.
https://www.blackberry.com/beta/defaults/loginBlackBerry Beta Portal. USA, UK, Canada only. Focus Groups, Surveys, and Product Testing.
https://www.discoveryviewpoint.com/Portal/default.aspxDiscovery View Point. Ages 18 and up. Make the Discovery channels better!
http://www.theentertainmentpanel.co.uk/ The Entertainment Panel. The reward varies with the survey's length, and you will receive approximately 0.10 per minute for each survey you complete. No age limits mentioned. Pays via PayPal.
https://www.espnfanforum.co.uk/ESPN FAN FORUM UK. An exclusive online community made up of sports fans. Ages 18 and up. UK only.
https://www.opiniumresearch.com/Opulink Corporation. UK only. If you are unable to join through the above link, You can join the panel by going to http://www.opinium.co.uk/, and clicking on the sign up link in the silverbox.
https://www.qantasadvisorypanel.com/Portal/default.aspx Qantas Customer Advisory Panel. Brought to you by Vision Critical. Ages 18 and up.
UK, IE, EU, Paying Survey Pages 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15

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