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Teens, Children, & Kids Survey Panels.
Country Link To Join paying Surveys, Focus Groups, and Product Testing Websites Info About Each Company
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AIP France
AIP Signapore
AIP Malaysia
AIP China
AIP Taiwan
AIP Thailand
AIP Hong Kong
AIP Korea
AIP. Surveys for ages 16, and up.
WW American Consumer Opinion American Consumer Opinion AKA ACOP. Paid every time your account reaches 1000 points via Tango card or Paypal. World wide. Plus chances to win Survey participant incentives $1 - $50. Teens 14, and up.
USA BellWether Surveys BellWether Surveys. Teenagers ages 13, and up. Each Survey sent to you via email offers you the incentive. Drawings for prizes or cash equivalent & cash for your time for participating in discussion groups.
WW Brand Institute Brand Institute. Paid by either PayPal, or Check. World wide. Teens 16, and up.
USA UK Choozz Choozz. Youth Surveys for ages 13 to 35 to complete Surveys for cash, and other prizes.
WW E-research-global e-Research Global. Teens must be at least 16 years old to complete Surveys for cash, and other prizes.
USA Epoll USA E-Poll. Surveys that earn 100 points just for signing up. Ages 13, and older.
WW GiveUsYour2Cents ZA
Give Us Your 2 Cents USA
Give Us Your 2 Cents RU
Give Us Your 2 Cents IRE
Give us Your 2 Cents UK
Give Us Your 2 Cents FR
Give us Your 2 Cents Spain
Give us Your 2 Cents Germany
Give us Your 2 Cents China
Give us Your 2 Cents Canada
Give us Your 2 Cents Brazil
Give us Your 2 Cents AU
Give us Your 2 Cents. You must be at least 13 years of age to join and up to join to complete Surveys for cash and other prizes.
WW Engish
GTM. Global Test Market. Teens 14, and up. Paid $50 in less than a month. Points which you redeem for cash. World wide. You must be at least 18 years of age to join or you must be 14 to 17 years of age, and have parental or legal guardian permission to join. Only one panelists member per household.
WW Harris Poll All Other Locations Harrispoll Online. Easy money as well as they send products sometimes for you to test if you wish. Plus if you join high points you get things. Join HIpoints too. Surveys for hipoints that can be redeemed for gifts. 200 points when you complete first survey. Also have sweepstakes from $50 to $10k. Ages 8 and over.
USA Honest Insite Honest Insite. Also known as Surveys for points converted for things. Teens ages 13, and older. Payments for Surveys are in the form of points converted.
WW Ipsos USA
Ipsos Canada
All other locations
I-Say AKA Ipsos Access Panel. Teens are welcome and up to join to complete paying Surveys for cash and other prizes.
AU NZ Live Tribe AU
Live Tribe NZ
Live Tribe. AKA Qualified Opinions. Teens 16, and up. AU residents only. Surveys for a chance to win.
USA UK Mintvine Mint Vine. Surveys, and other things you do for cash. Minors under the age of 13, or minors between the ages of 13 to 18 years old that do not have their parents consent to participate in the MintVine Program.
WW My Survey, NFO USA
My Survey, NFO IE
My Survey, NFO UK
My Survey Canada
My Survey Canada French
My Survey AU
MySurvey UK
My Survey Sweden
My Survey Ireland
My Survey Japan
My Survey Thailand
My Survey Korea
My Survey China
My Survey Hong Kong
My Survey Singapore
My Survey Malaysia
My Survey Russia
My Survey Asia Pacific
My Survey Switzerland
My Survey EU
My Survey France
MySurvey Spain
MySurvey Netherlands
MySurvey Italy
My Survey Austria
My Survey NFO. Paid over $200 in a year. They paychecks, products, and coupons. They do email, snail mail, and Product Testing. You get to test products too! Teens 14, and up.
AU My View AUMy View. Surveys for a chance to win. Australian, and New Zealand Residents welcome to do Surveys. Surveys for a chance to win. Teens 16, and over.
USA Opinionsquare Opinion Square. Teens 16, and up. Paid in points for prizes as well as a chance to win a huge amount. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016
WW Opinion World USA
Opinion World KOR
Opinion World CA
Opinion World AU
Opinion World UK
OpionionWorld Ireland
Opinion World Belgium
Opinion World Netherlands
Opinion World Hong Kong
Opinion World Spain
Opinion World Denmark
Opinion World France
Opinionworld Singapore
Another Opinion World Belgium
Opinion World Norway
Opinion World Poland
Opinion World Ireland
Opinion Portugal
Opinion World Brazil
Opinion World Mexico
Opinion World China
Opinion World Taiwan
Opinion World Colombia
Opinion World Switzerland
Opinion World Turkey
Opinion World Argentina
Opinion World All Other Locations
Opinion World. Teens 16, and up. Payments for Surveys are in the form of sweepstakes.
USA CA UK ES FR DE IT Opinion Outpost USA
Opinion Outpost CA
Opinion Outpost Hispanic
Outpost UK
Outpost Germany Outpost Opinion IT
Outpost France
Opinion Outpost - Survey Research Panel. Sharing your opinion has never been so rewarding. At Opinion Outpost, you can make a difference, and earn extra cash. Ages 18, and older. Surveys and Product Testing.
WW Permission Research All other locations Permission Research. Members are entered into a sweepstakes for their time. You DO NOT need to download the software in order to take part.
Ipoll. AKA 1stclasspanel previously SurveyHead. Ages 16, and up.
USA CA Tell Wut Tell Wut. Ages 16 and up.
WW Toluna USA
Toluna CA
Toluna AU
Toluna UK
Toluna All Other Locations
Test, and Vote AKA Toluna. Teens 16, and up. Surveys for a chance to win, plus Product Testing.
USATroneOpinions Trone. Ages 13, and over. They will either compensate you or enter you in a sweepstakes.
USA UnivoxUnivox. Every 100 points you earn with us equates to $1. Once you earn 2500 points, you'll be eligible for a $25 Amazon gift code. Ages 15 and up accepted.
WW Valued Opinions - Australia
Valued Opinions - USA
Valued Opinions - UK
Valued Opinions Meinungsstudie - Germany
Valued Opinions - France
Valued Opinions - PL
Valued Opinions - Ireland
Valued Opinions - Russian
Valued Optinions - CZ
Valued Opinions - Spain
Valued Opinions Italy
Valued Opinions. Teens 16, and up. Survey panel that pay by cash.
USA Viewpoint Forum Viewpoint Forum. Teens 13, and up. Isn't accepting new members at this time.
AU What do you think What Do You Think AKA WDYT. Surveys for points converted. Teens 16, and up.
WW Yourvoice USA
Yourvoice CA
Your Voice NZ
Your Voice KOR
Your Voice Panel SGP
Your Voice all other locations
Your Voice. Teens 14 years. Points for joining, referrals, Surveys taken, redeem points for catalogue items, gift vouchers, movie vouchers, or donate them to charity. 20 points = approximately $5 - also have quarterly drawings for bigger ticket items cash, car, trip.
USA ESPN Fan Advisors. 1,000 ESPN Fan Advisor Points is Equal to $1.00. Once your points balance reaches 10,000 points you can redeem your points for a $10 Electronic Gift Card Code. Ages 13 and older.
USA Seventeen A-List. Seventeen Magazine to complete Surveys for cash, and other prizes.
WW Do Now Research. World Wide, but most studies do take place in the USA. All ages accepted.
USA LeapFrog Lab. By completing this form, you will join our local Bay Area USA community of parents, teachers, caregivers, and educational experts who help us create products with the highest standards of education, learning, and fun. The LeapFrog Lab may contact you for different types of Product Testing, such as on-site visits, in-home testing, or email Surveys.
USA Youth Surveys for kids 6-17. Kids, tweens, young adults, and parents. Yes though their is various websites, they all share the same database, you can only join one. Choose wisely. Focus Groups, Surveys and Product Testing. Anyone Age 15 and up can sign up for Panelpolls. Children and teens 14 are younger must be signed up by the parent. Panel members must fill out a brief registration survey to be considered for participation in the panel.
USA Question Market. Teen Surveys for ages 13, and over.'s panel is no longer open or accepting registrants.
USA Stereotipo. Hispanic teens between 13, and 20 years old.
USA CA My Opinion Now. Teens 13, and up. Product Testing, and Surveys.
USA Baker St Solutions. Teenager Surveys. Requirement for ages 10-18.
USA DSP AKA Daily Survey Panel. Teens 16, and up. Cash by PayPal or Amazon vouchers or any other type of voucher you'd like. Loads to pick from here. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016
WW Points 2 Shop. Complete offers, surveys, paid emails and more for payment. Be sure to mark your profile to CASH other wise it's set to points. Go to account then Site Preferences. You must be at least 18 years old, or at least 13 years old with parental consent. COPYRIGHT Annika's 1999 - 2016
WW Spidermetrix. Paid in points which earn you things. You post things in the fun section. There is a walk through for this section. Teens 16, and up.
WW Survey Savvy. Youths Surveys ages 14, and up.

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