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Amy Lynn's voiceover work includes customers and organizations from a wide range of business and corporate levels as well as advertising and marketing agencies, internet radio, non-profit groups and ministries on all levels - world wide!

Feel free to join me on Linkedin where you can see my network connections as well as references.

You can read some testimonials here:

Awards for my work in writing: Top 1000 of 2007Top 1000 of 2008Top 1000 of 2009Top 1000 of 2010Top 1000 of 2012Top 1000 of 2013For July, August, September, October, November, December 2012 Awards given to several of my Pen name accounts.  I also won several rewards from for a reviews.

Some companies for whom I have provided audio services, or with my permission have my voice on their websites or message systems.

Please keep in mind I am not responsible for the quality of the files used by any of the following sites.

Actor Access, Voices Pro, Rich Media Worldwide, Almerictech, Ajax Tocco, Askanwi, Amy Lynn's - Voice Overs, Analytical Solutions, Artist Reach, BF Productions, BBS Club, bibleminis, Bookmarking Demon, Bizflo, Ciao Talents, Confederate Radio, Cool Creative, Dam Productions, Danny Web, Deeb Studios, E-OmniSoft, Email Matters, SetiTrak, Fire Hot Sauces, Flawless Beats, Freneticmemetics, Host-Account, HRB, Hyak Dev, i-expatriate, JP Billing, Kafabee Studios, Lux Indrustries, Mimmix Mail, Musixmania Radio, Myspace, Nagarro Inc, NexAgen, Node 11, OmniSoft, Comets, JobTrak, OmniSoft Solutions, Ocean Shore Resort, Online Productions Studio, Opuzz Voice, OracleJane, Pacific Pro Advertisers, Pacific Pro Designers, Pacific Pro Digital, Pacific Pro Models, Pacific Pro Stylists, Purely Said, Useful Projects LLC, Radio West Fife, Reverb Radio, Rich and Star, Rozglos, Sales Junction, SRC Software, TAGTalent, Telematter, The Embryo, The Lyceum, The Ovadose Kid, Time Warner Cable of NE NY, T&I Services (UK) Ltd, W.R.2.A.H.L. Radio, Vesta Insurance Companies, Voicemodels, Walten Financial, Whisper Audio, Wheel Impressions and many more.

Countless others without websites as well.

Volunteer animation voice over projects I have been a part of:


If you should find my voice on a website, or program not listed here, please I would appreciate being informed of the matter, so proper credit can be given.

I am not responsible for these sites, their privacy policies or how they treat information about their users, and I advise you to check their privacy policies. I offer no guarantees, warranties, or representations implied or otherwise for the content or accuracy of these third party sites. Sites listed are a convenience to my visitors, clients and potential clients.