These testimonials are not just to my voice-over work, but all the various jobs that I do.

Client Satisfaction is my #1 Priority!
There is nothing we're more proud of than the positive feedback Amy Lynn's Voice Overs has received.

Awards for my work in writing:
Top 1000 of 2007Top 1000 of 2008Top 1000 of 2009Top 1000 of 2010For July 2012 I also won several awards from Influenster.com for reviews I have done.

"I too love your work ... it brings a breath of fresh air into the staid, predictable world of Voice-Overs." - Mark Gibbs of Network World Magazine.

"Quick, speedy, and did I say wicked FASSSSST?!!!. Her voice is absolutely clear, energetic, flawless, and electric! Amy Lynn is reliable, and attentive to your needs, and understands at once what you want. I have used her several times over the years, and found her spot on and I am extremely discriminating in giving compliments, take it from me, she ROCKSSS!!" - Rob Straughn, Owner OmniSoft, NYC Software Engineer

"Amy Lynn provides our radio system with everything from official FCC call sign announcements to good humored radio tidbits. She is very responsive to our needs, reasonably priced, timely, and flexible. To summarize; Amy Lynn is both a professional and a breath of fresh air." - Steve Clary

"Amy Lynn is professional, fast and affordable" - Suj http://www.ethicallymanaged.org/

"I absolutely had to take a minute out to thank Amy Lynn for partnering with me. Amy exquisitely turned my e-book into an audio book I know others and myself will treasure for a lifetime. It's in a divine class all by itself due to your versatile angelic voice. Her diligence, flexibility, technical resourcefulness, and tenacity on this project have been immeasurable. I especially appreciated her creative suggestion on how to the end the book. It unquestionably goes out with a BANG! I highly recommend Amy Lynn, the Voice of an Angel, if you want excellence, timeliness, and if client satisfaction is your #1 priority... it surely is Amy's." Remarkably satisfied customer, Karen M. Pina

"This has been a great experience working with Amy. She total understood what was needed of her & she actually enhanced our files and storyline. We received our revised audio files well within 24 hours. She keeps her word & is a time-wise perfectionist. (Meaning she does it right the first time, & your company will not experience any down time waiting for this client to deliver). I recommend Amy's services if you want a client that can accurately deliver a great service at a great (meaning small) price. GOD Bless." - Joseph Burgess of Bible Minis.

"Besides using my own voice, I never knew how quick and simple it was to transform my basic, home voice-mail sounding message into a pleasant, professional sounding corporate voice-mail....which is now, "music to my customer's ears". I thank you Amy Lynn for a job well done! It was great and very easy to work with you....I hope to do so again in the future. - Best Wishes, S. Mathew, Business Owner"

"I have had good experiences with Amy Lynn. In spite of the fact that we have been pushing for short delivery times, she has always delivered in time. Even with changes, she has been flexible and diligent. We keep Amy Lynn's Voice-Overs on our list of providers." - Erik Van Bekkum

"Outstanding service! Went an extra mile for customer satisfaction." - M. Badiane

"Amy Lynn provided a good service, quality voice-over and delivered the final product in a few hours of placing the order." - Brynley of RichandStar.com

"The search for great voice talent is over! After wading through a sea of unqualified voice actors and their garbled samples, what a huge relief it was to find Amy Lynn." - Robert Boyd

"A speedy delivery. A top quality performance. A a must for any one's production. Amy Lynn is reliable, a brilliant actress. The best." - David Nagel, Producer, DAM Productions

"The search for great voice talent is over! After wading through a sea of unqualified voice actors and their garbled samples, what a huge relief it was to find Amy Lynn. Exceptional voice talent that fit our budget! Amy Lynn delivered the audio clips we desperately needed for our new telephone system within about 16 hours after we submitted our work request. This was no small job, considering our script required her to cut almost 50 different clips. Do yourself a favor, stop looking, and give the job to Amy Lynn." -Bobby Boyd Telematter.com

"Amy Lynn is a voice talent who responds well to direction and demands the very best from herself. What a refreshing approach." - Simon of Whisper Audio

"Amy Lynn has been extremely professional and responsive on most occasions turning around the voice-over assignment within a day. We have been extremely pleased with both the quality of her work and her flexibility. A very highly recommended voice-over professional." - V.P. Business Development, Nagarro Inc

"Amy Lynn did a great job on a recording I needed. Very professional,reasonable rates. I was very happy with her work." - Lauren Paige

"Amy Lynn was a top choice for my projects, she provided an outstanding service, and with speed and efficiency. Amy Lynn is a fantastic voice talent, and I recommend her to anyone! " - Rob Green

"Amy Lynn is really committed to what she does. If you choose her as your provider you will not be undersatisfied I have worked with a lot of voice-overs but Amy Lynn is the best in my point of view. Great job I will love working with you again. Thank you again." - Franciso Ramirez Jr of Happy Computers

"Use Amy Lynn's service as a voice-over artist, she is very professional!" - Travis Morgan

"Amy blends creativity and innovation with organization and strategy." - Jeff Beyers

"Amy Lynn has done a terrific job recording the project. The quality is flawless and Amy Lynn has been very helpful throughout the entire project. We highly recommend Amy Lynn to anyone who needs professional recording for their company. " - CasebyCase

"I am a soulful funky house DJ and requested quality sound bites adverting myself, so I could add them in my mixes. The service that I received from Amy Lynn was Very professional." - Adam B

"We at the AMAFSR have enjoyed reading and adding Amy Lynn's work to our newsletter since 2003. We sincerely appreciate all her hard work, and look forward to reading more of her informative, well written and interesting articles." - Admiral Mudd and Captain k'alaa (AMAFSR) aka Peter and Lelia Sinclair

"Amy Lynn has been a tremendous help to me. I am more than happy to give a testimonial to the great graphics designed by her. I thank you for providing me with your services when I was in need of them."- Corey Knauss, Webmaster

"Amy Lynn is a very dedicated and honest lady. She has worked with me on 4 sites. I can always count on her to solve problems by using her own initiative. If she can't solve the problem, she let's me know in a timely manner so that I can attend to it. All in all, she is very professional, honest, and a pleasure to work with." - Kathryn Cole

"I've known Amy Lynn for a while now and she has done some great things for me. I'm a Stationmanager of a Internet Radio Station and Amy Lynn has made some great jingles for us. Listeners are very pleased with her kindly voice. Her rates are excellent and she always provides above and beyond what we ask for."

"I'm also webmaster of all kind of sites and Amy Lynn has designed amazing banners and logos for nearly all my sites. If you're looking for a great banner and/or logo, you came to the perfect place." - John, Webmaster

"Amy Lynn is wonderful, I asked her to make me some banners for my new site and within 30 minutes she had everything made for me. Excellent job and 100% satisfied, Amy Lynn is the best" - Jordy

"Amy Lynn has been the Editor of our Members' Forum for the past 5-6 years and has always demonstrated dilligence and dedication to her duties. I am fortunate to have Amy Lynn as a member of my team." - Jerry Evas

"Amy Lynn created a web design template for us that went through a large series of updates until all parties involved were pleased with the completed project. Amy's patients and level of understanding impressed us and we look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her for future projects you may have in mind." - JP

"Amy Lynn is a gifted voice-over specialist. You can't go wrong with her skills!" - Dick Pritchard

"Amy Lynn is someone to keep in your toolbox! She has wonderful credentials and her customers love her." - Patty Scheeler

"Amy Lynn stands above the crowd when it comes to Webpage and logo design. You can trust her to deliver on her commitments." - Jim Turner

"Amy Lynn is a very talented professional. If you're using broadcast media, Amy can help you succeed." - Leon W Brown

"I run several websites and if I want something nice and professional made....Amy Lynn is my first choice!"

"She really knows how to provide my sites with flashing banners and logo's that are real eyecatchers. Great to work with, fast, dependable, understanding, professional and alot more." - Mark, Webmaster