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Amy Lynn's Voiceover Samples

Want to hear some voiceover samples before you order? Look no further! On this page, you will find a large selection of free voice over samples, covering a wide range of my styles.

These are voice samples and they are not intended to reflect upon the sound quality of the files I provide. Unlike many other voiceover artists, Amy Lynn's Voice Overs provides high-quality stereo audio files. The quality has been reduced to save bandwidth and discourage thieves, though that rarely stops them. Normally, files are recorded at high-quality and compressed if the client wishes it.

These voiceover samples may be downloaded, but may not be published or edited in any way without my prior permission. These samples are provided for potential client's purposes. Any usage of these samples without Amy Lynn's Voice Overs prior authorization is strictly prohibited. All poems written by myself are copyrighted, please respect this.

I regret to inform you to not request custom made samples, auditions, or demos, as I do not provide them free of charge. Repeatedly asking for custom samples will be considered harassment.

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Voice Over Demo [play voice sample]

Voice Over Demo [play voice sample]

Master, I have mail for you - By request [play voice sample]


Looking for something special? [play voice sample]

Seeking something other than robotic? [play voice sample]


My favorite passage from the Bible [play voice sample]

After the Dawn - A poem I wrote [play voice sample]

Poem of Stinky - My father's poem of Stinky (my pet skunk) [play voice sample]

On-Hold Messages / Voice Mail Prompts

On Hold message [play voice sample]

Voice Mail Prompt [play voice sample]

Voice Prompt [play voice sample]


Amy's Kill Me - Something I say when someone makes me laugh, just like Alf [play voiceover sample]

Amy's Roar - This is quite loud, so be ready! [play voiceover sample]

My evil laugh - This is quite loud, so be ready! [play voiceover sample]

Amy Lynn's compilation of youthful voices [play voiceover sample]

Laugh - My Nelson (from Simpsons) mock [play voiceover sample]

Child - Amy Lynn praying [play voiceover sample]

?? Music Mix ??

A DJ Mix - Radio DJ Mix. My own work [play voiceover sample]

Alone - Mix by Toby [play voiceover sample]

Beautiful - Mix by Toby [play voiceover sample]

Interface - Mix by Toby, with samples from Barbara, Michelle and I [play voiceover sample]

MSN Sucks - Mix by Toby [play voiceover sample]

Nympho - Mix by Craig Stuart [play voiceover sample]

After a while - A sample cut by Craig Stuart [play voiceover sample]

Dancing on air - A sample cut by Craig Stuart [play voiceover sample]

Call - A sample cut by the embryo [play voiceover sample]

External Poetry - A sample cut by Kiju [play voiceover sample]

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